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GlobalPlatform News – SESIP Seminars, New Task Forces & our New Visual Identity

Letter from GlobalPlatform’s Executive Director

This month we’re hosting our SESIP Seminar in Barcelona. Taking place on October 19, I invite you to join us at the Gran Hotel Havana where industry experts will be discussing how the Security Evaluation Standard for IoT Platforms (SESIP) methodology can be used to reduce the cost and complexity of IoT security evaluation and simplify compliance with European requirements and regulations.

Continuing on the theme of upcoming events, our Taiwan seminar, held in partnership with Winbond, will take place on November 30. The seminar will give delegates knowledge of how to optimize standardized secure component technologies and certifications. Stay tuned for more details!

We have also now launched our new Automotive Task Force, dedicated to enhancing security for connected vehicles and eID Wallet Task Force - which will focus on addressing requirements around the Digital Identity Wallet schemes. If you’d like to participate in either of these Task Forces, you can join via our member Workspace.

The keen observers amongst you may have noticed that this newsletter looks slightly different to previous editions. GlobalPlatform has now unveiled its new brand identity, which has already been previewed in our Annual Report, and will soon be deployed across the entire organization. Read more on this evolution below.

Finally, I invite all members to join us for the GlobalPlatform Fall Meetings which will be held in Lisbon from November 7-11. Registrations are now open, and you can confirm your place on the member Workspace.

Register: SESIP Seminar Barcelona

On October 19, we’re hosting our SESIP Seminar in Barcelona. Joined by expert speakers from Amazon Web Services, Arm / PSA Certified, CEN CENELEC, ENISA, ETSI TC Cyber, Eurosmart, ECSO, Microsoft and many more, we’ll be exploring the applicability of SESIP in the context of European regulation.

With the support of platinum sponsor, Winbond, gold sponsor, STMicroelectronics, and supporting sponsor SGS Brightsight, GlobalPlatform’s seminar involves panel discussions and real-life case studies that demonstrate how SESIP:

  • Reduces complexity, cost and time-to-market for different IoT stakeholders.
  • Facilitates device certification through principles of composition and reuse across different evaluations.
  • Maps to other schemes including EN 303 645, and PSA Certified to help product manufacturers comply with specific EU security requirements and regulations.
  • Can be adopted by labs to help build consistency across IoT certification schemes.

The seminar takes place at the Gran Havana Hotel, Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 647, 08010 Barcelona, Spain. You can also join virtually.

Register now

Future Look, Future Vision: A new visual identity reflecting a commitment to innovation

To reflect the continuing advancement of the device security ecosystem, GlobalPlatform has evolved its visual identity to better reflect the innovative and forward-thinking approach of the organization.

Our latest blog explores how this new look helps affirm GlobalPlatform’s unique position from which it can lead discussions with stakeholders  throughout the ecosystem that enable secure, innovative, and creative solutions. Read the blog for further insight into the importance of a visual identity which aligns with the forward-thinking approach of our members, while celebrating our heritage and core values.

Read more

Taiwan SESIP Seminar: Certified trust

On November 30, GlobalPlatform and Winbond will host a free in-person and virtual seminar on the topic of ‘certified trust’.

Bringing local security experts together alongside GlobalPlatform specialists, the seminar provides insight on maximizing the value of standardized secure component technologies and certifications. Speakers will discuss the latest use cases and device security innovations that are building trust in the ecosystem, helping delegates better understand how to improve their own secure IoT initiatives.

Stay tuned for more information on how you can book your place.


Article: The benefits of IoT security evaluation reuse

Ahead of the SESIP Seminar in Barcelona, GlobalPlatform Technical Director Gil Bernabeu wrote an article for to discuss how the methodology is addressing the scale and complexity of security evaluation in the IoT ecosystem.

With the IoT expanding, connected devices are at greater increase of attack. This article explores the central role that is played by certification bodies, in offering dependable security evaluations and providing security assurance for stakeholders throughout the ecosystem.

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White Paper: Mapping misalignment with industry security levels and understanding the impact

GlobalPlatform recently published a paper highlighting the potentially confusing implementation of security levels in the EU Cybersecurity Certification Scheme (EUCC) proposed by ENISA as part of the EU Cyber Security Act. The paper underlines how the EUCC currently only recognizes certifications carried out by national agencies as meeting the highest level of security.

GlobalPlatform says this confuses security robustness with assurance, adding complexity and potentially impacting trust in security certifications in Europe and beyond, making it difficult for end users to make educated choices on the security of their devices.

Download the whitepaper

SCP 70: Delivering IoT security to constrained devices

Innovative new use cases are creating the demand for ever smaller and more efficient IoT devices. Resource constrained devices fill this demand but do so at the expense of some of the more advanced communication capabilities.

In this blog, Pascal Dumas explores what Secure Channel Protocol 70 (SCP 70) is, how it can be used and why it is delivering value to the resource-constrained device ecosystem; a growing area of the IoT that is in need of updated security provisions.

Read more
Technical Documents

New Document Releases

This is the first public version of the governance rules for the GlobalPlatform SESIP community. This version clarifies the rules for Certification Body and Laboratory knowledge expertise requirements as well as the role of GlobalPlatform as the community and brand manager.


Specifications Under Review

The latest update to this specification includes new functionality and extensions to enable TLS 1.3 client mode. It also includes enhanced operating mode support for TLS key establishment beyond the original Pre-Shared Keys (PSKs).

This document has been made available for public review. Please provide comments by Monday October 31, 2022. Please send your comments to:

Speaking Engagements

Hear GlobalPlatform speak at ETSI IoT Week

GlobalPlatform is speaking at ETSI IoT Week. Join Carlos Serratos on Friday, October 14 for his presentation, “The Security Evaluation Standard for IoT Platforms (SESIP): Quantifying the benefits of re-use and mapping to ETSI EN 303 645”.


How GlobalPlatform is supporting system integrators

System integrators need to manage a wide range of IoT devices, with differing security and access requirements. In this video, GlobalPlatform Technical Director, Gil Bernabeu, discusses how developing on a secure Root of Trust, and using the IoTopia Framework can help system integrators address these challenges.


VIDEO: The EU Cybersecurity Certification Scheme & misalignment with industry

In this video, GlobalPlatform’s Security Task Force Chair, Olivier Van Nieuwenhuyze calls for global alignment on cybersecurity levels, following the implementation of security levels in the EU Cybersecurity Certification Scheme (EUCC) which may increase ecosystem fragmentation and consumer confusion.

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