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IPR Policy & Contribution

GlobalPlatform's IPR Policy and contribution process allows members and non-members to propose technology for consideration and adoption by GlobalPlatform. The process records and tracks the contribution and provides a system for disclosing IPR claims to the organization.

Process for Submitting an IP Contribution Request:

The contribution process begins with an IPR submission. Representatives of member organizations must submit a Submission of Technology form, while non-members must submit a Non-Member Submission of Technology form to the Secretariat. Contributions can be submitted at any time. Contributions should only be submitted to the Secretariat, and not directly to a committee.

Submission Process:

  1. The submitter sends a completed Submission of Technology form and/or Business Requirements form (the 'contribution') to the Secretariat.
  2. The contribution is reviewed for completeness and is assigned a submission tracking number by the Secretariat.
  3. The submitter receives a prompt email notification that the Secretariat has received the contribution.
  4. The Secretariat circulates the contribution to the Technical Director.
  5. The Technical Director reviews the contribution and seeks input from Committee Chairs, the Executive Director, Strategic Directors and Board Members as necessary.
  6. The Technical Director completes a review of all Intellectual Property (IP) and Business Requirements (BR) submissions within 30 days of receipt and submits a recommendation to the Board for review and approval.
  7. Upon approval by the Board, the contribution and the analysis completed by the Technical Director is submitted to the appropriate technical committee chair for further development.
  8. Contributions not approved by the Board are returned to the Secretariat with a documented explanation.
  9. If for any reason the contribution request is incorrect or incomplete, the Technical Director informs the Secretariat and requests that the deficiencies be corrected.
  10. The Technical Director provides quarterly updates to the Secretariat regarding all IP and BR submissions.
  11. The Board reviews all contributions, the current status and explanations for rejection at their regularly scheduled meetings.

Process for Evaluating an IP or BR Submission:

Once the business review is completed and approved by the Board, the technical committee receives the contribution and the business analysis. The technical committee adheres to the following evaluation process:

  • The technical committee chair provides the Board with a periodic status report while the contribution is being evaluated.
  • The committee chair may provide the status report during the next scheduled Board conference call, or in person if the monthly call is not held due to a quarterly Board meeting, or via written report.
  • At the end of the review process, the committee sends an evaluation conclusion report that includes a Board recommendation.
  • The committee's review process should not exceed three months.

View GlobalPlatform IPR FAQs.

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