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Driving industry collaboration to provide standardized technologies and certifications that empower stakeholders to develop, certify, deploy and manage digital services and devices.

GlobalPlatform Annual Report 2021

Learn how our latest technical initiatives empower stakeholders to build, certify and manage trusted digital services and devices. The report also includes key figures on GlobalPlatform technologies and certifications, outlines the benefits of membership, and explains how we are collaborating.


GlobalPlatform welcomes new Executive Director

Ana Tavares Lattibeaudiere brings extensive IoT and telecommunications expertise to the organization with over 20 years of industry knowledge, non-profit strategy and business development from roles at GSMA, Accenture, BCG and Deloitte.

White Paper: Quantifying Benefits of SESIP Reuse

This whitepaper explains how the use of the SESIP evaluation framework benefits different stakeholders from the IoT ecosystem in terms of time, effort and cost.

ISO 17065 Accreditation

GlobalPlatform is now an ISO 17065 accredited certification body, demonstrating its state-of-the-art functional and security certification processes and strengthening the value of its product qualifications to the industry.

Technology News
Card Specification Icon

The latest technical documentation relating to the interoperable deployment and management of multiple embedded applications on Secure Elements (SEs).

TEE System Architecture Icon

The latest documentation explaining the hardware and software architectures behind the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) and introducing TEE management and functional availability in a device.

Card Financial Configuration Icon

A new configuration defining the minimum implementation requirements of the GlobalPlatform Card Specification for SEs supporting financial services.


This document provides answers to frequently asked questions about the GlobalPlatform Security Evaluation Standard for IoT Platforms (SESIP), a variant of the Common Criteria methodology specialized for the evaluation of Connected Platforms in the context of IoT.

UICC API for IoT Icon

This document specifies a low-level API for the minimum UICC functionality needed in low-cost constrained IoT devices. This includes functions for network attachment and functions for cellular subscription profile download and management.

Secure Element Protection Profile Icon

The aim of this document is to list the security functions that should be considered during the evaluation of a Secure Element (SE) product based on the GlobalPlatform (GP) Card Specification. It ensures the minimum security scope, and the different claimed configurations shall match a predefined list of security features.

Education News

White Paper: SESIP Applicability for EN 303 645

This white paper explains how the Security Evaluation Standard for IoT Platforms (SESIP) maps to ETSI’s cybersecurity requirements for the consumer IoT. It details how SESIP provides a scalable, time and cost-effective approach to assessment, making it easier for developers and laboratories to demonstrate conformance.


White Paper: GlobalPlatform Technology Virtual Primary Platform 2.0

GlobalPlatform released Virtual Primary Platform (VPP) 2.0. which enhances the level of detail and support for development of VPP solutions for embedded Secure Elements (eSEs). This white paper introduces VPP technology and how it provides universal form factor to host and execute secure digital services across different products, and how developers can use them to develop, enable and manage solutions that expand SE security benefits to support more use cases.


White Paper: Quantifying Benefits of SESIP Reuse

This whitepaper explains how the use of the SESIP evaluation framework benefits different stakeholders from the IoT ecosystem in terms of time, effort and cost. It also explores the concept of reuse, describing how the security evaluation of composite products comprising already evaluated elements, as well as reuse of evaluation results across certification schemes, can reduce the cost and duration of security certifications.

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