Energetic and effective industry collaboration is key to developing standards that enable convenient and trusted digital services across market sectors.

Our task forces provide guidance on market sector and geographical requirements, trends, opportunities and challenges:

  • IoTopia
  • Security
  • China
  • Japan

This input shapes the development and evolution of GlobalPlatform standardized technologies and certifications that address business, security, regulatory and data protection needs.

These groups are chaired by representatives from GlobalPlatform member organizations. Participation is open to all members.

What We Do

IoTopia Task Force

The IoTopia Task Force identifies, defines and evaluates the market requirements of the IoT ecosystem, to create an open approach to secure IoT device management. The group is responsible for maintaining the four pillars of the IoTopia framework: design, certification, deployment and IoT device lifecycle management.

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Security Task Force

The Security Task Force defines GlobalPlatform’s security philosophy and the organization’s contribution to the overall security landscape. The group engages with government agencies to define market requirements for multiple use cases and market sectors, and align them with GlobalPlatform technology and documents. The task force also works closely with GlobalPlatform’s technical committees on relevant cryptography, certifications and applicability.

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China Task Force

The China Task force gives GlobalPlatform members with business interests in China a dedicated platform to identify and agree on regional requirements. It works to expand GlobalPlatform technology adoption and the certification program, and align them with relevant Chinese requirements.

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Japan Task Force

The Japan Task Force is a forum for GlobalPlatform members with business interests in Japan to gather and discuss business and functional requirements of specific market sectors. The group works to promote GlobalPlatform activities and exchange information with regional industry associations and standardization bodies in the region. A key focus of the task force is to introduce GlobalPlatform to mobile, internet of things (IoT) and other key sectors within Japan, and identify areas where the association can contribute to regional activity.

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