GlobalPlatform Star Awards

The Star Awards program was launched in 2004 as an opportunity for GlobalPlatform to recognize and award individuals who have demonstrated exemplary member participation throughout the year.

The awards celebrate individuals who have made a significant contribution toward GlobalPlatform’s vision of creating a fully collaborative and open ecosystem in which all stakeholders can efficiently deliver innovative digital services, while providing greater security, privacy, simplicity and convenience to users.

These individuals are enthusiastic and dedicated to driving GlobalPlatform’s work efforts, and the objectives of the Technical Committee or Task Force that they represented. Awards are presented for: Collaboration & teamwork, Innovative thinking, Making it happen, Leadership and Going the extra mile.

In 2019, the Kekicheff Award was created to acknowledge outstanding dedication and commitment to GlobalPlatform. Unlike the Star Awards that are given on an annual basis, this award is intended to be given from time-to-time to recognize extraordinary, impactful efforts over a long and sustained period of time. Named after the first recipient of the award, current GlobalPlatform Board member and former Chairman of the Board, Marc Kekicheff, this first award commemorates Mr. Kekicheff’s 20+ years of outstanding dedication and commitment to GlobalPlatform. Not only was Mr. Kekicheff co-architect of the original GlobalPlatform Specifications, but he has also held various leadership positions within the organization since its inception and continues to be active in driving the organization’s efforts.

Congratulations to our 2021 Winners!

Star Award recipients are announced and presented during GlobalPlatform's Annual All Member Meeting, held each November.

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TEE Committee

Tony Hamilton


“Making It Happen”

Not only was Mr. Hamilton a driving force in the TEE Committee last year, but this year as well, his hard work and diligence has continued, pushing the latest version of the main TEE specification to release. Thank you, Mr. Hamilton, for your dedication which continues to make it happen.

TEE Committee

Marcus Streets


“Making It Happen”

Mr. Streets has put forth considerable effort in driving the TEE Management Framework (TMF) documents through release. His keen attention to detail while cross-referencing the entire TMF document suite has been invaluable. We thank Mr. Streets for his efforts, which enabled successful completion and publication.

IoTopia Task Force

Eliot Lear


“Making It Happen”

Since the launch of IoTopia within GlobalPlatform, Mr. Lear has been a key contributor and source of expertise on Manufacturing Usage Description (MUD). He not only presented during 3 GlobalPlatform webinars, but also was a key expert contributor to the recently launched GlobalPlatform MUD File Service. We thank Mr. Lear for his efforts and continued contribution to GlobalPlatform’s IoTopia activities.

SE Committee

Stephane Schirar


“Going the extra mile”

After providing key contributions to the Virtual Primary Platform (VPP) specifications, Mr. Schirar went the extra mile to contribute to and edit the recently published VPP White Paper.  This GlobalPlatform white paper would not have been possible without his expertise and guidance throughout the process.  For this exceptional effort, we thank Mr. Schirar.

Security Task Force

Eve Atallah


“Collaboration & Teamwork”

Ms. Atallah introduced the SESIP (Security Evaluation Scheme for IoT Platforms) technology through the Fast Track process.  Several members submitted comments during the process, which were not easy to resolve.  However, Ms. Atallah strived for consensus through the whole process, which allowed for wider adoption among GlobalPlatform members and raised interest from the market.  We thank Ms. Atallah for her efforts and continued leadership of the SESIP activities and promotion.

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