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GlobalPlatform Trainers

Training sessions are led by experienced trainers from GlobalPlatform member organizations who have been carefully selected after demonstrating a detailed understanding of GlobalPlatform technology and its real-world applications. Below are GlobalPlatform's certified trainers:

Gil Bernabeu

Chief Technology Officer

GlobalPlatform / Thales

In his role as Chief Technology Officer, Gil is responsible for defining and implementing the technical roadmap for the organization and provides counsel and guidance to the GlobalPlatform Board. He drives forward the development of GlobalPlatform’s specifications and certifications to allow markets and geographies to deploy and manage secure, value-added services. Gil also acts as GlobalPlatform’s central technical liaison point, coordinating the efforts of the technical committees, market task forces and liaisons with industry partners.

In his role at Thales, Gil supports the evolution of the Digital Identity and Security roadmap by enabling open innovation and securing participation in funded innovation projects.

Claude Barral

Biometrics & Security Expert


Claude Barral founded Bactech in 2010. The company provides training, academic courses, and consultancy services worldwide. Topics covered include biometrics, cryptography, embedded electronic device security and electronic design. Bactech helps start-ups in the IT security area, trains and supports large international companies, and supports governmental applications of biometrics.

Claude spent fifteen years in the security center of Gemplus/Gemalto (now Thales DIS) and several years in different private and public entities gaining experience in cybersecurity testing, evaluation, and certification.

He earned an engineering degree in Electronics from the French Conservatoire National des Arts & Metiers, a PhD in Biometrics & Cryptography from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL Lausanne, Switzerland) and later earned an Associate Professor qualification.

Alberto Fuentes

Chief Executive Manager

Digital Cubes

PhD Fuentes is the founder of Digital Cubes. In this role, he provides consultancy to developers/manufacturers, laboratories, and certifiers to achieve their goals in the field of computer security certification.

Since 2007 he has participated from the laboratory or developer perspective in certification processes. His experience covers a wide variety of products, from products which required historically a certification, as cipher machines, aircraft, and space industries, till new products that are demanding this kind of services, as cloud services and biometrics. As researcher, he obtained a PhD in the field of side channel attacks in 2021.

José Ruiz


jtsec Beyond IT Security

José Ruiz is Co-director at jtsec Beyond IT Security. Among his duties, he supports the company’s business development both nationally in Spain and internationally.

José has been working in the field of cybersecurity certification as an evaluator, consultant, and technical director for more than 15 years in different standards including CC, FIPS 140-3, SESIP, and LINCE. His experience has led him to participate as a speaker at multiple industry events such as ICCC (International Common Criteria Conference), ICMC (International Cryptographic Module Conference) or ENISA Cybersecurity Certification Conference.

He is a member of the Stakeholder Cybersecurity Certification Group (SCCG) and has been co-editor of the EN 17640 ‘Fixed-time cybersecurity evaluation methodology for ICT products’ (FITCEM)” at CEN/CENELEC. During his career, he has participated actively in different working groups such as CTN320, ISO SC27, CEN/CENELEC, GlobalPlatform TEE, and ERNCIP "IACS Cybersecurity certification". Jose has also participated in the standardization process of SESIP at CEN/CENELEC.

Mathieu Amiel

Associate Consultant


Mr. Amiel is an Associate Consultant of Monetech with on the field expertise. He is an expert consultant in smart card technology and is working on NFC deployments based on GlobalPlatform.

He contributed to the first NFC payment pilot in Europe and in the pre commercial launch of transport services in the French city of Nice. He is now contributing to larger NFC deployments with telecom operators leading projects including GlobalPlatform cards and OTA management.

Monetech is a Consultant Member of GlobalPlatform.

Patrice Le Philippe

Senior Consultant


Mr. Le Philippe is a Senior Consultant with Nextendis. He has a strong background in the implementation of GlobalPlatform standards. Mr. Le Philippe has been involved in advanced smart card projects for more than ten years, and for the last five years has focused on near field communication (NFC) projects.

Over the last three years, Mr. Le Philippe has led the rollout of European SIM based NFC projects in complex environments. These projects have involved many parties including mobile network operators, service providers, SIM vendors, application providers and trusted service managers (TSM). Thanks to this experience, Mr. Le Philippe has real, hands on expertise in the main standards of the domain, including GlobalPlatform Card Specifications and TSM messaging.

Nextendis is a Consultant Member of GlobalPlatform.

Yoan Chergui

Certification and Standardization Senior Consultant

Internet of Trust

Yoan Chergui is a certification engineer and technical expert for Internet of Trust. In this role, he supports Internet of Trust certification and standardization activities for various bodies and schemes.

With an academic background in cryptography and 10 years of experience in the certification environment – including work for an evaluation lab, a national certification body and an international developer – he has acquired a deep understanding of the different issues faced by all parties involved in security certification.

Since joining Internet of Trust in 2023, Yoan Chergui has been appointed as certifier for GlobalPlatform and SESIP profile technical writer. With expertise in both certification and hardware attacks, Yoan Chergui has acquired experience in training others on a variety of topics.

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