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GlobalPlatform Functional and Security Certification

Building trust through internationally recognized and independent certification.

GlobalPlatform’s functional and security certification schemes enable stakeholders to demonstrate compliance with market requirements or regulations to propagate trust. This is achieved by verifying products’ adherence to the association’s technical specifications, market-specific configurations and security levels. With a GlobalPlatform certificate, stakeholders can be assured that a solution can be trusted to perform as it should while supporting their business, security, regulatory and data protection needs.

The program is independently operated by a dedicated Certification Secretariat. It is referenced by EMVCo, GSMA and other industry bodies, with testing performed on certified tools provided by GlobalPlatform-approved laboratories globally.

Who should participate?

  • Product vendors – can demonstrate that their products are working effectively and that they align with the functional and security requirements of the marketplace.
  • Device manufacturers – can confirm that their digital service management capabilities are interoperable and meet industry-defined security requirements.
  • Application developers and service providers – can ensure a product matches their security and privacy needs when seeking to deploy digital services on a particular device.
  • Standardization bodies – by requesting GlobalPlatform functional or security certificates in their certification programs, other standardization bodies and issuers can take advantage of an off-the-shelf product or component created by certified and accredited test laboratories.
  • Test laboratories – can become GlobalPlatform-certified to generate new revenue through third-party validation services.
  • Test tool suppliers – can offer highly valuable SE and TEE functional test tools to manufacturers, issuers and laboratories.

GlobalPlatform Certification Body activities are outsourced . A list of companies providing such services is available on demand.

Functional Certification

Test and verify the functionality of SE and TEE products

The program evaluates the functional behavior of SE and TEE products against the requirements outlined by GlobalPlatform configurations and associated specifications, to drive market interoperability and enable innovation. Independent testing confirms that a digital service will perform as intended in the field on any certified product, regardless of the product provider.

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Security Certification

Verify the security of SE and TEE products

GlobalPlatform security certification evaluates products in line with Common Criteria-recognized protection profiles. It ensures that secure components meet the required levels of security defined for a particular service, enabling service providers to confidently and effectively manage risk and comply with industry requirements. To assist the market in managing varying security requirements, GlobalPlatform has structured the program under three security levels. Each level is independent of the technology and denotes the ranked levels of threats and attacks that the security certified secure component will defend against.

This simple framework allows future technologies and solutions to be added under these levels to support the ecosystem as requirements evolve.

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Program Updates

GlobalPlatform’s certification program is designed to evolve as new technologies are introduced. Test tools, protection profiles and frameworks are continuously updated according to new recommendations or security threats.

Certified Products

Products that successfully complete certification receive a GlobalPlatform certificate that assures service providers and device makers they are selecting a product which matches their needs.

Security Scheme

Device makers and product vendors can confirm conformity with the relevant protection profile via an independent security evaluation process. Security laboratories can apply to the SE Security Evaluation Secretariat to initiate the accreditation process.

Functional Scheme

Device makers and product vendors can confirm products will function correctly to drive market interoperability. Test laboratories can apply to the Functional Certification Secretariat to initiate the accreditation process.


GlobalPlatform operates a network of independent labs trained to carry out functional and security testing. Labs can apply to become GlobalPlatform-certified and begin offering effective and beneficial third-party validation services.

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