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Japan Task Force

The Japan Task Force is chaired by Eikazu Niwano from NTT Corporation. All GlobalPlatform members are eligible to participate in this group.

The Japan Task Force is a forum for GlobalPlatform members with business interests in Japan to gather and discuss business and functional requirements of specific market sectors within the region.


The Japan Task Force works to:

  • Promote GlobalPlatform activities within the region.
  • Exchange information with other Japanese / Asian industry associations and standardization bodies including: Connected Consumer Device Security Council (CCDS), Secure IoT Platform Consortium, Next Generation IC Card System Study Group (NICSS), Association of Radio Industries and Businesses (ARIB), Japan Automotive Software Platform and Architecture (JASPAR), Asian IC Card Forum (AICF) and the Asia Pacific Smart Card Association (APSCA).
  • Introduce GlobalPlatform to mobile, internet of things (IoT) and other key sectors within Japan, and identify areas where the association can contribute to regional activity.
  • Grow the GlobalPlatform membership base in Japan.
  • Host an annual joint conference with NICSS and/or AICF.

Theme Leaders

  • IoT – FeliCa Networks, DNP, TOPPAN, Oracle
  • Security – Toshiba, NTT

Current Priorities

  • Continue to liaise with relevant industry associations, including NICSS, oneM2M and TCG.
  • Create stronger relationships with regional device hardware and software manufacturers, with a focus on healthcare, smart city and Industry 4.0 markets.
  • Collaborate with Japanese Bodies and identify opportunities to support the security requirements of embedded secure components including MPU.
  • Analyze the IoT security requirements of other Japanese bodies in comparison with GlobalPlatform, including CRYPTREC Ciphers List and CCDS.
  • Creation of a Japanese use case library based on GlobalPlatform’s existing documents.

Eikazu Niwano

Chair of the Japan Task Force

NTT Corporation

Eikazu currently serves as NTT Research Professor, Secure Platform Laboratories at NTT Corporation.

Since joining NTT, Eikazu has undertaken research on distributed system architecture including smart cards at NTT laboratories. He was also the general manager of the Europe Office of the Information Sharing Laboratory Group, where he was involved in a number of European / international standardization activities.

He is additionally a NICSS (Next Generation IC Card System Study group) Fellow, sits on the Board of Directors and is the former Chair of the GlobalPlatform- NICSS Collaboration Expert Group, and serves as Chair of the SCP10 Task Force.

Eikazu has served on the GlobalPlatform Board of Directors since 2005 and is the current Chair of the GlobalPlatform Japan Task Force.

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