The eID Wallet Task Force is chaired by Jean-Daniel Aussel from Thales. All GlobalPlatform members are eligible to participate in this group.


The purpose of the eID Wallet Task Force (eIDWTF) is to identify and address digital identity wallet use cases where GlobalPlatform technologies can play a role, including – and specifically encompassing – security, privacy and frictionless deployment.


The primary focus of the eIDWTF is to clarify GlobalPlatform’s role in addressing the long-term needs of European governments that are engaged in large-scale ID and eID deployments. It will also consider and analyze global initiatives. The eIDWTF works to:

  • Externally evangelize and show the benefits of GlobalPlatform technologies – such as secure elements, trusted execution environments and device trust architecture – to support secure identity initiatives
  • Analyze, identify and position business requirements relating to identity, specifically relating to the advancement of GlobalPlatform specifications, enabling developers to capitalize on the secure components’ ability to host secure identity services
  • Propose and compare the benefits or different deployment models of digital identity wallets based on GlobalPlatform technology, such as hosting security anchors on embedded SIMs vs embedded Secure Elements
  • Provide input to the Technical Committees related to identity, for further development of GlobalPlatform technology
  • Liaise with external, identity-related organizations on how GlobalPlatform technologies can fulfil the security anchors necessary for a strong identity.

Current Priorities:

  • Deliver a whitepaper to describe how digital identity wallets can benefit from GlobalPlatform technology to achieve the highest levels of security, as well as seamless deployment and life-cycle management
  • Engage with digital identity stakeholders – such as wallet developers, identity framework providers, regulators, and member states – as well as standard-defining organizations to demonstrate the benefits and ease the adoption of GlobalPlatform technology for digital identity pilots and deployments
  • Identify future high-level requirements for GlobalPlatform Technical Committees to develop new amendments or specifications needed to better support digital identity solutions.
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Jean-Daniel Aussel

eID Wallet Task Force Chair


Jean-Daniel Aussel is Chair of the eID Wallet Task Force at GlobalPlatform and previously served as Security Task Force co-chair between 2015 and 2017. At Thales Digital Identity and Security, Jean-Daniel drives the standardization strategy for all market segments. A longstanding active participant in standardization, he has contributed to several standard organizations for many market segments related to security. President of the Java Card Forum since 2020, Jean-Daniel graduated from McGill University in Montreal and the National Institute of Applied Sciences in Lyon, and holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering.

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