Board of Directors

As a non-profit member-led organization, GlobalPlatform is governed by a Board of Directors that consists of eleven representatives from GlobalPlatform Full Member companies. The Board develops and oversees the execution of GlobalPlatform’s strategy in support of its vision and mission.

Stéphanie El Rhomri

GlobalPlatform Chair


Stéphanie is Chair of the TEE Compliance Group, and has served on the GlobalPlatform Board since 2015. In 2017 she was appointed to GlobalPlatform Secretary and in 2021, she was appointed as GlobalPlatform  Chair.

As Vice President, Services at FIME, Stéphanie is responsible for developing new services, understanding international technology trends and ensuring alignment of FIME’s NFC and payments offering.

Olivier Van Nieuwenhuyze

GlobalPlatform Vice Chair
Security Task Force Chair


Olivier currently serves as Senior R&D Engineer at STMicroelectronics. Within this role he has software architecture responsibilities for the NFC ecosystem and secure elements.

He joined STMicroelectronics in 2003 and since 1999 Olivier has been active in several smart card projects for banking, transport and near field communication.

Olivier joined the GlobalPlatform Board of Directors in 2017 and was appointed as GlobalPlatform Secretary / Treasurer from 2021 – 2022. He now serves as GlobalPlatform’s Vice Chair and Security Task Force Chair.

Claus Dietze

Claus Dietze

GlobalPlatform Secretary / Treasurer


In his current role, Claus is responsible for defining and driving strategic standardization activities within G+D’s business segment Trusted Connected Devices. Prior to this, Claus held various positions in project management, R&D, technology office and product management within G+D since joining the company in 1996.

Claus has a long history in standardization of smart card technologies and was seconded to the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) from 2002-2003. In 2009, Claus was appointed Director and Head of Embedded Development for mobile device solutions and software security. He headed the Innovation department within the R&D organization from 2014 onwards and was responsible for carrying out technical feasibility studies and prototyping for new technologies.

Claus has a master’s degree in Computer Sciences from the Collaborative University of Mannheim.

Claus has been a member of GlobalPlatform’s Board of Directors since 2021, and was appointed as Secretary / Treasurer in 2022.

Sebastian Hans


Sebastian currently serves as Principal Member of Technical Staff at Oracle, previously Sun Microsystems Inc., where he is responsible for all smart card standardization activities with a strong focus on SIM and UICC technology. While at Sun Microsystems Inc, Sebastian has also headed up business development within the telecommunications market and has driven advanced pilot projects for the deployment of Java Card in the banking, insurance and mobile communication markets. Sebastian represents Sun Microsystems Inc. in ETSI SCP, 3GPP, OMA and is the Vice Chair of ETSI SCP TEC.

Sebastian serves as GlobalPlatform Board Director.

Rob Coombs


Rob has worked at Arm for 20 years and is currently Director, Architecture Technology Group working in the security ecosystem team.  He has previously led the mobile and segment marketing functions at Arm and was part of the original management team of the open source engineering organization called Linaro.  His current focus is IoT and helping the electronics industry improve the security of connected devices through a framework called PSA Certified.

Rob has been a Board member since 2014.

Mark Kekicheff

Visa Inc.

Mark currently serves as Senior Business Leader of Chip Innovation at Visa Inc. and is responsible for its smart card technology compliance globally, covering cards and terminals as well as mobile handsets. A highly regarded smart card expert, worldwide, Mark has authored several patents, is well acquainted with IT security and frequently addresses the industry through high profile speaking engagements. Throughout his career he has been a driving force in the development of global smart card technology, worldwide standards and compliance programs. He currently sits on the EMVCo Board of Managers and chairs the EMV Next Generation Task Force for the same organization.

Mark has been an active member of GlobalPlatform since its inception in 1999 and was a co-architect of the original GlobalPlatform Specifications. Since that time he has held a number of posts: he was GlobalPlatform’s Technical Director between 1999 and 2005, when he stepped down from this role and was elected to the Board of Directors and as Vice President of the organization. He then served as Chairman from 2010 until 2018. Mark has made a significant contribution to GlobalPlatform over the years and has been responsible for the following initiatives, among many others: launching and chairing the Mobile Task Force from 2007 until 2012; shaping consortium strategy; initiating industry outreach efforts; obtaining ISO recognition for GlobalPlatform by acting as a technical expert liaison for smart card standardization; and providing technical support for implementers of GlobalPlatform technology.

Scott Migaldi

T-Mobile USA

Scott is Director, Standards and Industry Alliances with T-Mobile USA. In this role, Scott leads a group of forward-thinking, creative technical experts to develop standards and industry guidelines for 5G and next-generation wireless systems. This role includes the development of Radio Access, Network and feature standards as well as establishing long-term visions for the evolution of wireless telecommunications. Scott ensures alignment of these activities with internal organizations and drives T-Mobile’s needs with external stakeholders.

Eikazu Niwano

Japan Task Force Chair

NTT Corporation

Eikazu currently serves as NTT Research Professor, Secure Platform Laboratories at NTT Corporation.

Since joining NTT, Eikazu has undertaken research on distributed system architecture including smart cards at NTT laboratories. He was also the general manager of the Europe Office of the Information Sharing Laboratory Group, where he was involved in a number of European / international standardization activities.

He is additionally a NICSS (Next Generation IC Card System Study group) Fellow, sits on the Board of Directors and is the former Chair of the GlobalPlatform- NICSS Collaboration Expert Group, and serves as Chair of the SCP10 Task Force.

Eikazu has served on the GlobalPlatform Board of Directors since 2005 and is the current Chair of the GlobalPlatform Japan Task Force.

Jeremy O’Donoghue

TPS Committee Chair


Jeremy currently serves as Director, Engineering at Qualcomm, working within the Secure Systems Group. He is responsible for architecture and development of software focused around secure platforms and NFC. In previous roles at Qualcomm, he was the lead security architect and software lead for an NFC CLF development, and has worked extensively on telephony aspects of both Android and Windows-based mobile systems. Jeremy was also an early participant in developing the GSMA NFC Handset Requirements and Testbook.

Jeremy joined the GlobalPlatform Board of Directors in 2016, and is Chair of the TPS Committee.

Guillaume Phan

Working Group Chair


Guillaume has participated in the working group since 2007 and was appointed as Chair in 2010. He is also engaged in the evolution of the GlobalPlatform Certification Program.

Within his role at Gemalto, Guillaume has been deeply involved in a wide range of smart card projects across areas including banking, telecom, identity, transport and cross-market NFC. He also has experience heading up certification projects, collaborative R&D projects, consulting activities and contributing to industry standards.

Guillaume also supports Mr. Hartel as Vice-Chair to the GlobalPlatform SE Committee.

Richard Hayton

TEE Committee Chair
Automotive Task Force Chair


Richard is on the Board of Directors, and is also the Chair of the TEE Committee and Automotive Task Force at GlobalPlatform where he contributes to the organization’s technical initiatives bringing over 30 years of experience in the cybersecurity industry. Richard is a regular speaker and influencer in the cybersecurity arena.

At Trustonic, Richard’s focus has been on enabling the telecoms industry – manufacturers and mobile operators, the automotive industry as well as application developers, to all benefit from embedded security and strong device identity. Prior to Trustonic, Richard held various roles at Citrix including Chief Architect, Distinguished Engineer and Chief Technology Officer. During 20 years at Citrix, he led projects ranging from embedded software to global enterprise systems, with a focus on user and developer experience.

He holds a PhD in Computer Science from Cambridge University, focusing on identity federation for users, devices and services.

Executive Team

GlobalPlatform’s day-to-day operations are managed by an Executive Team, comprised of an Executive Director, Chief Technology Officer, Operations Director, and Operations Secretariat. The Executive Team works closely with a strategic communications agency to drive awareness and understanding of the organization’s work.

Ana Tavares Lattibeaudiere

Executive Director


As GlobalPlatform Executive Director, Ana is responsible for driving awareness and accelerating adoption of GlobalPlatform’s specifications globally. She also oversees the organization’s strategy, marketing and business development within key vertical sectors. Before joining she was the EVP and Head of North America for the GSMA, responsible for driving global initiatives such as eSIM, Spectrum, networks (5G, 4G), IoT, RCS, identity and gender diversity. Prior to this role, she led the GSMA global efforts on IoT across different industry verticals. Ana’s career prior to GSMA is focused on strategy, having held positions at BCG, Deloitte Consulting and Accenture. She began her career in private banking at Merrill Lynch in the area of investments in new technologies. Ana is also a proud Board member of the Global Telecoms Women Network where she drives initiatives that promote gender diversity in tech sectors.

Gil Bernabeu

Chief Technology Officer


In his role at Thales, Gil supports the evolution of the Digital Identity and Security roadmap by enabling open innovation and securing participation in funded innovation projects.

Elected as GlobalPlatform’s Technical Director in 2005 and promoted to Chief Technology Officer in 2023, Gil’s main role is to drive forward the development of GlobalPlatform’s specifications and certifications to allow markets and geographies to deploy and manage secure, value-added services. He also acts as GlobalPlatform’s central technical liaison point, coordinating the efforts of the technical committees and market task forces, liaisons with industry partners and in his role as a spokesperson for the organization.

Tono Aspinall

Operations Director

Alliances Management

Tono founded Alliances Management in 2006 to meet the needs of associations and standards bodies that require strategically-oriented operations management.

Prior to founding the company, he worked at Visa International, where he was responsible for their Global Operations Secretariat, successfully creating, maintaining, and driving adoption of an open technology framework for the global deployment of smart card programs.

Tono holds a BA degree from the University of Bath.

Alliances Management

Operations Secretariat

Alliances Management is a professional services firm that delivers top quality operations management, administration services, and strategic consultation to non-profit technical standards organizations.

The company focuses on providing clients with a better way to operate, by providing business solutions for long term scalability and efficiencies. From event planning and meeting facilitation to financial and budget management, Alliances Management provides a holistic operational service portfolio, delivering exceptional results for clients.

iseepr Ltd.

PR Agency

iseepr is an independent UK-based PR agency which specializes in the provision of business-to-business PR and communication services to international organizations operating within the IT and technology industries.

Through working relationships with clients in these sectors, the iseepr team has vast technical and operational knowledge and an expansive network of media and industry contacts within this field. The iseepr team is committed to delivering the very best client PR experience through effective and frequent communication processes, efficient reporting and evaluation procedures, a proactive approach to all PR efforts by the agency and of course, the ongoing generation of excellent results.

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