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Energetic and effective industry collaboration is key to developing standards that enable convenient and trusted digital services across market sectors.

Our committees manage the maintenance and evolution of GlobalPlatform standardized technologies and certifications, focusing on specific technology areas:

Each committee compromises diverse member companies working in partnership with industry and regulatory bodies from around the world.

These committees are open to full and participating members.

What we do

Secure Element Committee

GlobalPlatform’s SE Committee defines industry and technology neutral specifications for application management on embedded or integrated tamper resistant components, including SE, SIM/UICC, smart microSD and smart cards. It works to develop, maintain and evolve GlobalPlatform’s SE documents and tools, and recommends security evaluation processes and features to ensure that GlobalPlatform technology offers appropriate security in line with market requirements.

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Security Evaluation Standard for IoT Platforms Committee

GlobalPlatform’s SESIP Committee defines the strategy and delivers the required initiatives to support the adoption and recognition of SESIP as a worldwide, multi-vertical scheme that simplifies security evaluation for OEMs, component manufacturers, and the whole ecosystem.

It does this through engagement with regulators and the security evaluation ecosystem to discuss the value and applicability of the SESIP methodology and requirements for the future.

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Trusted Environments & Services Committee

GlobalPlatform’s TES Committee creates and maintains documentation relating to Isolation Platforms. It provides mechanisms enabling access to platform services offered by Isolation Platforms, both from within a device and from platforms external to it. The group also defines and maintains the trusted execution environment architecture, including technical specifications compliance and security certification programs.

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