Why Certify?

GlobalPlatform develops and maintains a certification program to promote a collaborative and open ecosystem where digital services and devices can be trusted.

Certifying secure components within devices is essential in facilitating collaboration between service providers and device manufacturers.

GlobalPlatform’s work to develop and maintain a certification program allows stakeholders to verify product adherence to the association’s technical specifications and market-specific configurations.

Device manufacturers that use GlobalPlatform-certified secure components can proactively market their products as meeting the functional and security needs of digital service providers. They can effectively illustrate that their digital service management capabilities are interoperable and meet industry defined security requirements.

Service providers recognize this level of assurance, which enables them to select a product which matches their security and privacy needs.

The internationally recognized program is independently operated by a dedicated Certification Secretariat. It is referenced by EMVCo, GSMA and other industry bodies, with testing performed on certified tools, provided by GlobalPlatform-approved laboratories globally.

To achieve certification, a product must be submitted to a GlobalPlatform-accredited laboratory and competently pass several tests to meet the security evaluation and/or functional testing criteria. The laboratory sends its test report to the GlobalPlatform Certification Secretariat for evaluation and issuance of a certificate. Products that have successfully completed certification testing receive a Letter of Qualification.

Functional Certification

For SE and TEE products

The program evaluates the functional behavior of a product against the requirements outlined by GlobalPlatform configurations and associated specifications to achieve market interoperability. Independent testing provides confirmation that a digital service will perform as intended in the field on any certified product, regardless of the product provider.

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Security Certification

For TEE products

The program confirms conformance of TEE products to the Common Criteria recognized GlobalPlatform Protection Profile, through independent security evaluation. It ensures that secure components meet the required levels of security defined for a particular service, enabling service providers to comply with industry requirements and manage risk effectively.

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Who Should Participate

The following organizations are involved in the GlobalPlatform Certification Program:

  • Product vendors – By evaluating prototype products to the GlobalPlatform Certification Program, vendors can demonstrate that their products are working effectively and that they align with the security requirements of the marketplace.
  • Device manufacturers – By using GlobalPlatform-certified secure components, device manufacturers can effectively illustrate that their digital service management capabilities are interoperable and meet industry-defined security requirements.
  • Service providers – By requesting the certification stamp, service providers are assured that they are selecting a product which matches their security and privacy needs when seeking to deploy digital services on a particular device.
  • Standardization bodies and issuers – By integrating the functional SE and TEE test suite into their certification program, other standardization bodies and issuers can take advantage of an off-the-shelf product created by certified and accredited test laboratories.
  • Test laboratories – By becoming GlobalPlatform-certified, functional and security test laboratories can deliver an effective and beneficial third-party validation service to manufacturers and OEMs, generating new revenue.
  • Test tool suppliers – By developing GlobalPlatform-certified test tools, providers can offer highly valuable SE and TEE functional test tools to manufacturers, issuers and laboratories.

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