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This Manufacturer Usage Description test plan addresses testing or validation of MUD files. It is comprised of three components: on device proper support for a MUD file, availability and correctness of a MUD file, and proper coverage of services offered by a device by the MUD file. The MUD test plan is intended primarily for use by device manufacturers and laboratories that want to test or validate the implementation of a device supporting MUD files.

This document is the SESIP Profile for Secure External Memories, designed for the security evaluation of external memory components using the SESIP methodology.

This new version of GlobalPlatform Card Specification Amendment B (RAM over HTTP) introduces support for two new features: TLS 1.3 and DNS Resolution. Usage of the TLS 1.3 protocol enhances the overall security of the Remote Administration Session, while usage of DNS Resolution allows relying on multiple Remote Administration Servers, improving success rate and performances of remote administration. In addition to a clean document, for your convenience we also include a version where the sections that were updated compared to version 1.1 are marked.

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