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TEE Developer and Deployment Training

The sessions will equip students with all the necessary knowledge to effectively implement a TEE environment and enable the development and deployment of secure applications from multiple service providers. Taught in partnership with a TEE Open Source development environment.

  • TEE Architecture
    • Hardware requirements
    • Comparison to other security solutions
  • TEE and the Rich Operation System
    • The Client API
    • Passing data
  • TEE Core and Kernel
    • The Internal Core API
    • Cryptography and Time APIs
  • Trusted Management Framework
    • TMF APIs
    • Working with Security Domains
    • TEE and Trusted Application Lifecyle
    • Open Trust Protocol and TMF
  • Introduction to the TEE Development Environment
  • Programming a sample Trusted App
    • Deploying the Trusted App
    • Calling the Trusted App from an REE application
    • Sharing data between the Trusted App and the REE
  • Extended Trusted App development
    • Using the TEE Cryptography and Time Core APIs
    • Interacting with the Trusted App through a Trusted User Interface
    • Calling a Trusted App from a Trusted Apps
  • Remotely managing the Trusted App
    • Personalization
    • Lifecycle management


  • The sessions will be delivered in English by a GlobalPlatform instructor.
  • To provide a dynamic learning environment, the sessions are best when limited to a maximum of 15 students.
  • All training sessions are conducted in-house. Visit In-House Training for member and non-member fee structure.

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