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Cybersecurity Requirements and GlobalPlatform

In order to support the deployment of connected vehicles and services, the automotive sector is rightfully prioritizing the cybersecurity of vehicle components. Industry players have to ensure an appropriate defense against hackers to foster the privacy and safety of consumers, as well as to comply with recent international regulations and standards around Cybersecurity, the Right-to-Repair, Post Quantum Cryptography, and the Software Bill of Materials.

With over 20 years of experience in secure components from the banking, financial services, government identification and mobile markets, GlobalPlatform technologies provide a key element in ensuring the cybersecurity of vehicles.

Automotive Initiative

GlobalPlatform has launched an automotive initiative to foster direct engagement between trusted digital service experts from banking, government and mobile industries and the full Automotive Value Chain to optimise the efficient deployment of Secure Components, Trusted Digital Architecture, Security APIs, and Security Lifecycle Management within the Automotive sector.

Our automotive initiative is led by the GlobalPlatform Automotive Task Force (open to GP members) and will work in consultation with the GlobalPlatform Cybersecurity Vehicle Forum, which is open to the wider automotive value chain, to ensure collaboration between GP members and non-members.

Automotive Task Force Objectives

GlobalPlatform’s Automotive Task Force focuses on identifying alignment issues between Automotive requirements and GlobalPlatform specifications, in particular to:

  • Define requirements for secure components and services in the automotive industry related to GlobalPlatform technology, including Secure Element (SE), Trusted Execution Environment (TEE), Trusted Platform Services (TPS) technologies
  • Provide input into GlobalPlatform’s technical committees on how GlobalPlatform specifications can be advanced to extend the support to automotive requirements
  • Provide guidelines to the full value chain on the use of GlobalPlatform technology for automotive use cases
  • Foster common definitions, and where relevant, alignment with standards bodies regarding automotive use cases
  • Provide insight to the Automotive industry on:
    • Future-proofing secure components through roadmaps for migration to Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQC) and through guidance leveraging Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) in the software update process
    • Leveraging SESIP as a Security Evaluation Methodology in demonstrating compliance to automotive security requirements

Cybersecurity Vehicle Forum Objectives

The Cybersecurity Vehicle Forum is open to members and non-members alike, providing a consultation arm for the automotive taskforce to identify, detail and prioritize automotive industry challenges in delivering secure component services over the planning, producing, operating, and decommissioning of vehicles.

The input from the Forum feeds into GlobalPlatform’s Automotive Task Force for the assessment and launch of eventual work items.

The Forum holds global and regional meetings to validate use cases, prioritize challenges, establish solutions, and capture unique regional and emerging requirements.

The Automotive Task Force is chaired by Richard Hayton from Trustonic. All GlobalPlatform members are eligible to participate in the Automotive Task Force and the Cybersecurity Vehicle Forum is open to non-members.




Cybersecurity Vehicle Forum - Hamburg, Germany
14 November


Cybersecurity Vehicle Forum - Beijing, China
24 October


Cybersecurity Vehicle Forum Virtual Update
25 September

Cybersecurity Vehicle Forum - Tokyo, Japan
14 September


Cybersecurity Vehicle Forum - Plymouth, MI
20 June


Cybersecurity Vehicle Forum
31 March

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GlobalPlatform Cybersecurity in Automotive

GlobalPlatform specifications are regarded as the industry standard for banking, financial services, government identification and mobile markets. They support trusted end-to-end secure deployment and management solutions. This whitepaper discusses the key GlobalPlatform technologies and initiatives that are relevant to the automotive ecosystem security requirements.

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View the video and presentation from the June Cybersecurity Vehicle Forum

On June 20th, GlobalPlatform hosted the second Cybersecurity Vehicle Forum in Plymouth, Michigan, prior to the ESCAR USA automotive cybersecurity event. We hosted over 60 people and had participation from 8 automotive OEMs and 8 tier 1 companies.

The core theme was the applicability of GlobalPlatform TEEs and SEs for automotive use cases and the fundamental role of certification to simplify OEM procurement and provide evidence of regulatory compliance.

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Register for upcoming Cybersecurity Vehicle Forum Events

Automotive stakeholders are invited to join the Cybersecurity Vehicle Forum to discuss the cybersecurity challenges around secure components, security APIs, and the trusted platform services that are most important to their businesses.

After a successful event in June, we are now preparing for events in Tokyo (Sept. 14th), Beijing (Oct. 27th) and Hamburg (Nov. 14th) as well as a virtual update on September 25th. See the event listings here.

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Richard Hayton

TES Committee Chair
Automotive Task Force Chair


Richard is on the Board of Directors, and is also the Chair of the TES Committee and Automotive Task Force at GlobalPlatform where he contributes to the organization’s technical initiatives bringing over 30 years of experience in the cybersecurity industry. Richard is a regular speaker and influencer in the cybersecurity arena.

At Trustonic, Richard’s focus has been on enabling the telecoms industry – manufacturers and mobile operators, the automotive industry as well as application developers, to all benefit from embedded security and strong device identity. Prior to Trustonic, Richard held various roles at Citrix including Chief Architect, Distinguished Engineer and Chief Technology Officer. During 20 years at Citrix, he led projects ranging from embedded software to global enterprise systems, with a focus on user and developer experience.

He holds a PhD in Computer Science from Cambridge University, focusing on identity federation for users, devices and services.

Francesca Forestieri

Automotive Lead


Francesca Forrestieri is GlobalPlatform’s Automotive Lead and is responsible for connecting the automotive value chain with experts on trusted digital services to address the latest developments in the automotive ecosystem and work to future-proof connected services.

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