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Future Look, Future Vision: A new visual identity reflecting a commitment to innovation

Ana Tavares Lattibeaudiere, Executive Director of GlobalPlatform

GlobalPlatform’s commitment to being at the cutting edge of the industry permeates through every facet of the organization. In this blog, Ana explores how its new branding gives GlobalPlatform a modernized visual identity to match its future-facing vision and work.

Our world is increasingly connected. The number of IoT use cases is rapidly expanding to include smart homes and cities, wearable technology, connected cars and more, all combining to enrich the lives of users. However, with this evolution comes the heightened threat of cyberattacks – and unique vulnerabilities that need to be addressed.

Stakeholders throughout connected industries must therefore collaborate on solutions that deliver optimal end-to-end security, privacy, simplicity, interoperability and convenience for users. To continue our leadership in the device security ecosystem, GlobalPlatform has undergone a transformation of its own and evolved the way it visually represents itself.

A new logo, color palette and overall ‘look and feel’ of GlobalPlatform further strengthens the organization’s position as a facilitator of innovation. This is reflective of GlobalPlatform’s work as it continues to drive new initiatives that increase trust and security in devices and services across nearly all business verticals and sectors.

Celebrating the heritage with a forward-thinking identity

Founded in 1998, GlobalPlatform’s membership makes the organization truly global and cross industry. Its technical standards are used in billions of smart cards, smartphones, wearables and other connected and IoT devices to enable convenient and trusted digital services across market sectors. Over 55 billion GlobalPlatform-certified Secure Elements and 13 billion Trusted Execution Environments have been shipped.

As the world becomes increasingly more connected, GlobalPlatform and its members are uniquely positioned to lead discussions that enable secure, innovative, and creative solutions for multiple stakeholders. To facilitate these discussions, the organization must be aligned with the innovative companies and members it represents. Through this new visual identity, GlobalPlatform is making a clear and striking commitment to facilitating trusted innovation.

While some of the external features of GlobalPlatform’s identity may have evolved, the core purpose of its mission remains the same:

to empower stakeholders across industries with standardized technologies and certifications for trusted digital services and devices that address their business, security, regulatory and data protection needs.

And this continued commitment to innovation is also reflected in the fresh branding by the retention of the GlobalPlatform lightning bolt: the organization’s iconic symbol of lightning-fast and lightning powerful innovation.

You can find out more about joining our expanding community of members as we continue empowering stakeholders across industries with technologies and certifications for trusted digital services here.

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