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For over 20 years GlobalPlatform has standardized isolated execution environments in different types of devices, to deliver secure services and trusted storage for diverse industries and stakeholders. Technologies such as Secure Elements (SEs) and Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs) are widely deployed today, and maintained to reflect technology evolution, form factors, new threats and more.

Cybersecurity requirements are always evolving and GlobalPlatform continues to advance its specifications to answer the needs of existing and new markets, such as IoT and automotive.

GlobalPlatform is also responding to the evolution of hardware technology in collaboration with its members and industry partners. The organization works to provide a complete state of the art technology platform, including the architecture, Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), secure Operating Systems, the definition of security requirements and attack methodologies, and open source projects when needed.

By using this technology platform, individual companies, markets and other standards organizations (such as EMVCo, ETSI and GSMA), can develop their secure services and deploy them in certified environments that answer to stringent security requirements.

The value of membership

By becoming a member, you will join a community of security experts from diverse industries, working together to reduce the cost of security and certification to drive lower cost, secure products. For example, your company can help evolve established standards, evaluate new technologies, define use cases, monitor trends, analyze cryptographic algorithms and define attack methodologies for use in assessing product security.

Shape the future of standards

  • Contribute to the development of technical specifications and standards.
  • Be at the forefront of innovation and participate in the development of the future roadmap.

Knowledge sharing and education

  • Advance access to working documents and discussions that take place before documents are publicly released.
  • Participate in Market / Regional Taskforces discussions where requirements are developed and new topics explored.

Join a community of security experts

  • Join meetings and dedicated networking events
  • Participate in innovative discussions with partners about the future of device security and be exposed to different perspectives.
  • Access to a community of experts from the different parts of the device ecosystem and industry verticals.

Amplify your participation and initiatives

  • Gain visibility on GlobalPlatform’s public website and communicate to your ecosystem your participation as a member.
  • Participate in Industry Events on behalf of GlobalPlatform.
  • Visibility on social media, webinars, seminars and workshops.

Enjoy cost savings for services and events

  • Access to discounted GlobalPlatform functional and security certification services, and training.
  • Free access to Test Suites for functional certification (valued at over $6k per release).
  • Discounted / free access to GlobalPlatform events and industry partner events.

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