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SE Committee (formerly Card Committee)

The SE Committee is chaired by Karl Eglof Hartel from G+D Mobile Security. Full and participating GlobalPlatform members are eligible to contribute to this group.


The SE Committee defines industry and technology neutral specifications for the secure and interoperable deployment and management of multiple embedded applications on Secure Element (SE) technology. This includes embedded and integrated SEs, SIM/UICC, smart microSD as well as smart cards.


  • Develop, maintain and evolve the SE and related supporting documents and tools (based on GlobalPlatform SE Specification) and related supporting documents and tools.
  • Recommend security evaluation processes and features to ensure that GlobalPlatform technology offers the highest levels of security.
  • Advance the GlobalPlatform Certification Program to facilitate and assure interoperability within the marketplace.
  • Engage with other relevant industry and standardization groups and identify new technical requirements and opportunities for progressing joint working initiatives.

Current Priorities:

  • Secure Application on Mobile (SAM) - Collaboration with GSMA and MNOs to understand SAM requirements, and configure GlobalPlatform SE specifications to minimize disruption / simplify integration for Mobile Network Operators (MNO) and promote convenience for OEMs and service providers loading applications.
  • Operating system updates – Defining a standardized scheme to facilitate wide deployment of Operating System (OS) updates, to help SE vendors and service providers answer market and regulatory demands with a key focus being the introduction of the new EUCC scheme mandating OS updates (Common Criteria based European candidate cybersecurity certification scheme).
  • IoT - Enhancing SE technology for Root of Trust on IoT devices, including compliance with SPI and I2C, and support for CoAP/DTLS for remote administration.
  • FIDO Alliance - Collaboration to enhance the SE Protection Profile to support the FIDO Authenticator Level 3+ certification requirements.
  • Post-Quantum - Creating new agile protocols in preparation for future post-quantum migration.
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Karl Eglof Hartel

SE Committee Chair

G+D Mobile Security

Mr. Hartel has been an active participant in GlobalPlatform activities for many years, and was elected to serve as SE Committee Chair in 2009. Mr. Hartel also represents G+D Mobile Security in the European Telecommunications Standards Institute's (ETSI) Smart Card Platform Technical Working Group and in GSMA Projects. He also works to promote GlobalPlatform technology within ETSI and GSMA specifications.

Guillaume Phan

SE Specification Working Group Chair


Guillaume has participated in the working group since 2007 and was appointed as Chair in 2010. He is also engaged in the evolution of the GlobalPlatform Certification Program.

Within his role at Gemalto, Guillaume has been deeply involved in a wide range of smart card projects across areas including banking, telecom, identity, transport and cross-market NFC. He also has experience heading up certification projects, collaborative R&D projects, consulting activities and contributing to industry standards.

Guillaume also supports Mr. Hartel as Vice-Chair to the GlobalPlatform SE Committee.

Daniela Terracciano

SE Security Working Group Co-Chair


Ms Terracciano has served as Co-Chair of the SE Security Working group since Q1 2019.

She has held the role of Common Criteria evaluation, Java Card and GlobalPlatform Development Engineer at STMicroelectronics since 2003.

James MacFarlane

SE Security Working Group Co-Chair

NXP Semiconductors

Mr MacFarlane has served as Co-Chair of the SE Security Working group since Q1 2019.

Mr MacFarlane has held the role of Senior Security and Certifications Engineer at NXP Semiconductors since 2015. He has worked in a security evaluation role since 2004, with experience in both hardware and software security.


SE Compliance Working Group Chair

This position is currently open

Stephane Schirar

VPP and OFL Working Group Chair


Mr. Schirar has been participating since 2016 in the GlobalPlatform activities by introducing OFL and VPP technologies. Mr Schirar also represents Gemalto in the European Telecommunications Standards Institute’s (ETSI) Smart Secure Platform (SSP) Technical Working Group and in the SIMalliance PBL Working Group and promote, there, the GlobalPlatform technology.

Mr. Schirar joined Gemalto in 1997 and since then has been involved in major projects in the Telecommunications field.

Patrice Amiel

Trusted Service Manager Working Group Chair


Mr. AMIEL has chaired GlobalPlatform’s Trusted Service Manager Working Group since 2007. During this time the group has published several specifications related to "system to system" dialogue, including:

  • Messaging specification for mobile-NFC service management
  • Web Service Profile for GlobalPlatform messaging
  • System Protocol Discovery Mechanism

He is also Principle and Chief Software Architect at Thales, where he specializes in Software Architecture, Distributed Processing and Micro-service architectures.

Olivier Van Nieuwenhuyze

SE IP Connector Open-Source Project


Olivier currently serves as Senior R&D Engineer at STMicroelectronics. Within this role he has software architecture responsibilities for the NFC ecosystem and secure elements.

He joined STMicroelectronics in 2003 and since 1999 Olivier has been active in several smart card projects for banking, transport and near field communication.

Olivier joined the GlobalPlatform Board of Directors in 2017 and was appointed as GlobalPlatform Secretary / Treasurer from 2021 – 2022. He now serves as GlobalPlatform’s Vice Chair and Security Task Force Chair.

Interested in participating in the SE Committee?

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