Industry Partnerships

GlobalPlatform has established strong collaborative relationships with relevant industry partners across the world, from international standards organizations to regional industry bodies. This collaboration is key to realizing our vision of fully open ecosystems that efficiently deliver innovative digital services across all vertical markets, while providing greater security, privacy, simplicity, and convenience for the user.


“Trusted Connectivity Alliance recognizes the importance of close collaboration with technical associations and standards bodies around the world to support the standardization of the Tamper Resistant Element (TRE) ecosystem. Our partnership with GlobalPlatform reflects the organization’s unwavering commitment to developing complementary specifications and certification programs, and we continue to work together to enable trust in a connected future.”

- Claus Dietze, Chairman, Trusted Connectivity Alliance
Trusted Connectivity Alliance Claus Dietze, Chairman
FIDO Alliance Dr. Rae Rivera, Certification Director
Trusted Computing Group Ira MacDonald, Mobility Solutions Work Group Co-Chair
RISC-V International Calista Redmond, CEO

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