Industry Partnerships

GlobalPlatform has established strong collaborative relationships with relevant industry partners across the world, from international standards organizations to regional industry bodies. This collaboration is key to realizing our vision of fully open ecosystems that efficiently deliver innovative digital services across all vertical markets, while providing greater security, privacy, simplicity, and convenience for the user.


“As the secure mobile ecosystem continues to evolve and expand, the OMAPI Specification has the potential to play an ever greater role in defining how secure and trusted applications across many platforms, in addition to Android, can utilize the SE to offer enhanced security benefits. After very careful consideration, the Trusted Connectivity Alliance Board has concluded that transferring the specification to GlobalPlatform is the best way to preserve the integrity of the OMAPI Specification and ensure it is optimized to expand future SE access across applications and devices. This decision has been made easier thanks to GlobalPlatform’s position as an active specifications development body, which will increase opportunities for the integration of OMAPI with other relevant technology, as well as the organization’s unwavering commitment to developing complementary specifications and certification programs.”

- Claus Dietze, Chairman, Trusted Connectivity Alliance
Trusted Connectivity Alliance Claus Dietze, Chairman
FIDO Alliance Brett McDowell, Executive Director
GSMA Gloria Trujillo, Technology Director
RISC-V International Calista Redmond, CEO

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