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In recent years, with the spread of IoT devices and the development of ecosystems, various cyber security issues, including zero trust issues and supply chain issues, have become apparent, and expectations to the root and assurance of trust for devices are rising. In response to this situation, regions and organizations around the world are actively publishing related guidelines, and technologies that are attracting attention to solve this problem are secure component technologies, such as smart cards, eSIMs, and TEE (Trusted Execution Environment).

GlobalPlatform (hereinafter referred to as GP) is a standardization body for secure component technology and in recent years, on top of secure components abstract interface TPS (Trusted Platform Service) and SESIP (Security Evaluation Standard for IoT Platforms) to guarantee the reliability of the device has been established, and has been expanding the scope of standardization from secure components to secure devices.

On the other hand, even in the mobile field, where standardization has been progressing for a long time, the movement of ID wallets is active according to the progress of digital ID technology, and the importance of device security is increasing.

While forming alliances with more than 30 diverse organizations, including FIDO(Fast IDentity Online) alliance, TCG(Trusted Computing Group), and other IoT/ID related organizations, GP has accelerated the shift from secure components to secure devices, and has recently been working on market dissemination and deployment. To facilitate this, GP has created new market task forces on automobiles, ID wallets and SBOM(Software Bill of Materials).

Then in these situation, the GP Japan Task Force (JTF) was established in October 2013 as the first regional organization of the GP, with the main purpose of providing feedback on domestic requirements from the Japan region to GlobalPlatform. Basic activities include sharing of GP status and GP documents, analysis of use cases, creation of GP technology maps, etc. From now on, through cooperation with the market task force newly established within the above-mentioned GP, we would like to accelerate the promotion to promising domestic market.

In particular, as one of our efforts to promote this, we hold the "Secure Device Forum" every year, and so far we have invited 30 standardization related bodies and public entities.

In the future, through further cooperation with the regional task force in Asia, we would like to make global contribution from the Asian region.

At last, through this website, we hope to share the activities and movements of GP and JTF with everyone in Japan, and help revitalize the domestic security market through the use of secure components and secure devices.

By all means, I hope that you will join GlobalPlatform and JTF, then discuss together.

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