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As a member-driven standards organization, GlobalPlatform has over 20+ years of experience in delivering specifications and certifications for secure digital services. Most SIM cards, credit cards, identity cards, ePassports and smartphones today use GlobalPlatform’s technologies. Automotive is one of the new areas where GlobalPlatform is bringing the ecosystem together to optimize cybersecurity for vehicles.


GlobalPlatform has launched a broad reaching initiative to drive engagement between digital service experts from the banking, government, and mobile sectors and the full automotive value chain.

The objective is to optimize and accelerate the deployment of secure components, trusted digital architecture, security APIs, and security lifecycle management within the automotive sector.

GlobalPlatform has established a member driven automotive task force and created the Cybersecurity Vehicle Forum to engage with the wider ecosystem.

Cybersecurity Vehicle Forum – Detroit, MI, USA

10:00Introduction & Updates on GlobalPlatform Automotive Activities
Standardization Updates
Gil Bernabeu, CTO, GlobalPlatform
10:10Updates on Automotive ActivitiesFrancesca Forestieri, Automotive Lead, GlobalPlatform
Standardisation Updates
10:20Standards as a Means to Realize UNECE155: Updates on Activities and Potential Future Developments in SAE/ISO 21434, 8475 PAS, 8477 TRJohn Krzeszewski, Eaton, Chair of the SAE Vehicle Cybersecurity Systems Engineering Committee and co-convenor with ISO on automotive cybersecurity related items (authors of SAE/ISO 21434)
10:40Standards as a Means to Realise UNECE 156: Updates and Activities in ISO 24089, ISO 25090, and UptaneIra McDonald, High North Inc.
11:00Panel 1: Hardware Protected Security Environments for Automotive’s Future
Scene Setting: OEM Use Cases for Hardware Protected Security Environments (STELLANTIS)Bill Mazarra, Stellantis
11:20Panel IntroductionFrancesca Forestieri, Automotive Lead, GlobalPlatform
11:30Moderated Panel-
How important is standardisation for hardware security solutions?
How strong is the appetite in the market to support standardisation of common security services?
With domain controllers, MCUs, and AI, which use cases will represent the greatest shift to hardware trust anchors?
How great is the understanding among OEMs on the need for multi-tenant security services?
What are the biggest challenges facing the next generation of Hardware Protected Security Environments?
What are the autonomous vehicle use cases for Hardware Protected Security Environments?
Bill Mazarra, Stellantis
Philip Lapczynski, Renesas
Anis Chemli, Automotive & Smart Mobility Solutions, Thales

13:35Panel 2: Disruptive Automotive Security Opportunities
Scene Setting: Security Use Cases for SDVs: Opportunities for Cooperation (CARIAD)Yasser Aziza, Cariad
Scene Setting: Security Use Cases for SDVs: Opportunities for Cooperation (FORD)Darren Schelcusky, Ford
Coffee Break
Panel IntroductionFrancesca Forestieri, Automotive Lead, GlobalPlatform
Moderated Panel -
What are the urgent security use cases for advanced ADAS and autonomous vehicle for Hardware Protected Security Environments?
In what way does the emerging role of Cloud computing in automotive change the requirements for hardware security use cases (both safety & non-safety critical use cases)?
With multi-tenant security solutions, how do you minimise trust relationships across vendors?
What are the new, different automotive security requirements from centralised processing with high performance compute?
How does liability influence the top security use cases?
What is the impact of changing CPU architectures and memory safe languages, ex. RiscV, Cheri, RUST?
Darren Shelcusky, Ford
Barrios Rita, Bosch
Chuck Brokish, Green Hills Software
Yasser Aziza, Cariad
Gil Bernabeu, CTO, GlobalPlatform
Panel 3: SESIP Certification: Value Proposition for Automotive
Scene Setting: How to utilize SESIP from a practical perspective (SGS Brightsight)Tom Viswat, SGS Brightsight
Panel IntroductionFrancesca Forestieri, Automotive Lead, GlobalPlatform
Moderated Panel
What are the Opportunities for SESIP in Automotive?
How can SESIP Support UNECE 155/156 Complinace?
How extensive should mutual recognition be for SESIP to be optimised?
Tom Viswat, SGS Brightsight
Pascal Van Gimst, Riscure
Kirk Taylor, Technical Director / HW Security Architect, NXP Semiconductors
John Krzeszewski, Eaton, Chair of the SAE Vehicle Cybersecurity Systems Engineering Committee and co-convenor with ISO on automotive cybersecurity related items (authors of SAE/ISO 21434)
ConclusionFrancesca Forestieri, Automotive Lead, GlobalPlatform

Yasser Aziza is a Senior Product Security Engineer @CARIAD SE (VW Group) with a passion for creating robust and secure technological solutions.

In his role as Chief Technology Officer, Gil is responsible for defining and implementing the technical roadmap for the organization and provides counsel and guidance to the GlobalPlatform Board. He drives forward the development of GlobalPlatform’s specifications and certifications to allow markets and geographies to deploy and manage secure, value-added services. Gil also acts as GlobalPlatform’s central technical liaison point, coordinating the efforts of the technical committees, market task forces and liaisons with industry partners.

In his role at Thales, Gil supports the evolution of the Digital Identity and Security roadmap by enabling open innovation and securing participation in funded innovation projects.

Chuck Brokish is Director of Automotive Business Development at Green Hills Software. He has over 30 years of experience in the embedded systems, in areas of mobile communications, automotive active noise control, infotainment, ADAS, and V2X. He has been working on embedded security for over 25 years. Chuck is a registered Professional Engineer, has been active on advisory councils and industry forums and standards committees including ISO, SAE, IEEE, MIPI, and Global Platform. He has patents in the areas of Secure Processor design, Real‐time Debug, Active Noise Control, and DSP architecture.

Anis is a global sales leader and a technology enthusiast with more than 20 years of international experience across different markets with some of the world leading companies in the IT / Telecommunication and Digital Security space. Anis joined Thales Smart Mobility and Automotive solutions in January 2023 after holding several sales management positions in the Telco, Banking and AI/ML domains. Anis has successfully led the digital transformation of some of the key Telco customers, achieving a consistent and healthy year on year revenue growth for Thales in highly competitive markets. His most recent assignment was VP Sales & Marketing for Guavus (a Thales Company) based in Montreal, CANADA. Anis holds an MSc degree in Computer Science Engineering from the ENSI.

Francesca Forrestieri is GlobalPlatform’s Automotive Lead and is responsible for connecting the automotive value chain with experts on trusted digital services to address the latest developments in the automotive ecosystem and work to future-proof connected services.

John Krzeszewski is the Functional Excellence Leader of Cybersecurity & Functional Safety for vehicle systems at Eaton.  John is chair of the SAE Vehicle Cybersecurity Systems Engineering Committee and co-convenor with ISO on automotive cybersecurity related items, including post-development activities related to the ISO/SAE 21434 “Road vehicles: cybersecurity engineering” standard and the upcoming work on the 2nd edition of 21434, of which he is a joint working group member and project lead.  John was inducted the 2019  "Contributor of the Year" class at SAE, in recognition of his contributions to the advancement of the mobility industry.  John is also a member on the SAE Motor Vehicle Council.  John began his career at General Motors, where he developed and deployed one of the first automotive telematics systems, which automatically reported steering system usage of police cars and taxicabs in the field. Since then, he has worked on cybersecurity for autonomous vehicles, vehicle networks, medical devices, electrical systems, and associated software. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Kettering University, and a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Michigan State University.

Phil Lapczynski is a Principal Engineer for Automotive Security at Renesas Electronics America, Inc. He is vice chair of the Uptane Standard and contributing member to SAE TEVEES18 – Vehicle Electrical System Security Committee.  He leads the Hardware Protected Security Environment API working group within the SAE TEVEES18B - Vehicle Electrical Hardware Security Task Force. Phil is also an adjunct professor at University of Detroit Mercy, creating and teaching VCE5400 Secure Vehicle Embedded Systems course.

Since 1973, Ira has been a consulting software architect at automotive OEMs, network equipment vendors, telecom operators, and printer manufacturers. Ira received a NASA Special Achievement Award as the network architect for the onboard networks for the International Space Station in 1991. Ira was a founding member of the Uptane project in February 2016 and has been an Uptane Board member since September 2018. Ira has consulted at NASA, IBM, FCA, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Fujitsu, Samsung, Sharp, Xerox, Norand, DEC, Plantronics, Olympia Brewing, Perkin-Elmer, ARINC, AMTRAK and various US government agencies. Ira has edited over 30 IETF, IEEE, DMTF, SAE, TCG, and Linux Foundation security and network management public standards since 1994. Between 2020 and 2024, Ira edited international automotive security standards for Toyota Product Cybersecurity Group (ISO 24089 Software Update and ISO PAS 25090 Software Update Vehicle Configuration Info). Between 2015 and 2019, Ira edited global automotive cybersecurity standards for Stellantis (Internet Suite, Software Update OTA, TLS, Ethernet, IDS) and for Mitsubishi (Software Update OTA). Since July 2019, Ira has been an Invited Expert and voting member in ISO TC22/SC32/WG12 for ISO 24089 Road Vehicles: Software Update (February 2023). Since 2016, Ira has been a Program Committee member for the ESCAR USA automotive security conference. Since 2010, Ira has been Secretary of the IEEE-ISTO Printer Working Group and Co-Chair of the PWG Internet Printing Protocol WG. Since 2006, Ira has been Chair of the Linux Foundation OpenPrinting WG. Ira has been an Invited Expert in the Trusted Computing Group (TCG) since 2008, Co-Editor of TCG Mobile Platform WG since 2010, Co-Chair and Co-Founder of TCG Trusted Mobility Solutions WG since 2011, and Co-Chair of TCG Metadata Access Protocol WG since 2015. Since 2014, Ira has been a voting member of numerous SAE security committees, including V2X Security, Vehicle Electrical Systems Security, Vehicle Cybersecurity Engineering, Vehicle Electrical Hardware Security, Data Link Connector Security, Trust Anchors and Authentication, and Vehicle Security Credentials Interoperability.

Pascal is VP of Global Services Sales and Business Development at the Riscure. For 30 years, Pascal has been involved in hundreds of security reviews, audits, evaluations, certifications and training programs of embedded and connected technology deployed in the automotive, content protection, IoT, (mobile) payment, telecoms, semiconductor and forensics industry. Pascal started his career in the early 90’s as a hardware security analyst. After a couple of years, he moved via project management to sales and business development. Pascal joined Riscure in 2008 in his sales and business development role and as a member of the Management Team.

Riscure is a globally recognized security testing laboratory, training academy and security testing tool developer working with 500 clients across the world, supporting them in their security needs during all phases of their development process.

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