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White Paper: GlobalPlatform Technology Virtual Primary Platform 2.0

As Secure Element (SE) technology evolves there are opportunities to leverage new chip architectures, like integrated SEs (iSEs) and enhanced embedded SEs (eSEs) to support business needs and reduce time to market for new solutions across banking, telecoms, identity, transport and retail.

This white paper introduces GlobalPlatform’s Virtual Primary Platform (VPP) technology and specifications set. It explains how they are providing a universal form factor to host and execute secure digital services across different products, and how developers can use them to develop, enable and manage solutions that expand SE security benefits to support more use cases.

In December 2021, GlobalPlatform released VPP 2.0. which enhances the level of detail and support for development of VPP solutions for eSE. Version 2.0. is the first integration of VPP with other specifications and comes as a result of GlobalPlatform’s ongoing collaboration with standards organization, ETSI.

The following topics are explored:

  • The evolution of SE form factors and the how VPP is supporting.
  • How the VPP specifications outline a common approach that is supporting the development of iSEs and eSEs across different hardware designs, while offering interoperable secure services and level of security.
  • The value the specifications deliver to chip vendors, device makers, and app and service providers.
  • The business benefits VPP is offering the market.
  • How to use the specifications to enable an SE to run multiple VPP applications, and overcome the dependencies between VPP apps and the underlying platform.
  • The value of functional and security certification.
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