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Trust & Security in Automotive Systems

GlobalPlatform provides a platform centric approach to security with the necessary flexibility to allow vendors to differentiate their solutions while meeting the demand for agility and security compliance. We offer a choice of solutions that can be used together or independently and we are working with automotive bodies to show how our technologies can be used to meet current and emerging requirements.

This whitepaper provides an overview of GlobalPlatform security technologies, which leverage best-in-class security solutions demonstrated over 20 years in the development of digital services for the mass market, in particular:

  • How GlobalPlatform technologies support the specific security requirements in Automotive
  • Distinctions between Roots of Trust, Chains of Trust and Trust Anchors as the hardware-based security anchor for software solutions in the vehicle
  • Benefits of a platform-centric approach to security for developing trusted services across multiple parties and of the platform certification to facilitate portability of solutions
  • Considerations on selecting secure components on the basis of the specific implementation context technology
  • Additional GlobalPlatform resources with the security evaluation methodology (SESIP) and application-level APIs to leverage secure solutions by abstracting the underlying technology so the normal world application does not need to know implementation details
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