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BrightTALK: GlobalPlatform: Building Trust and Security into the IoT

The IoT landscape is exploding, with predictions of more than 20 billion connected objects worldwide by 2020. But protecting and securing data, devices and services in this dynamic, ever- expanding landscape presents significant challenges. Many of today’s connected objects do more than simply provide information at your fingertips – they can make use of sensitive data, gather information and even impact the physical world. Because of this, there is a need for ubiquitous end-point security, regardless of the use case, to prevent devices from becoming a platform for attacks. In this webinar, Technical Director Gil Bernabeu discusses the increasingly urgent need for robust security in IoT objects, the value that GlobalPlatform specifications and frameworks deliver in addressing security and privacy concerns and how GlobalPlatform’s new Device Trust Architecture framework empowers all actors in the value chain to seamlessly deliver, and securely manage, digital services and devices.

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