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I am increasingly energized by the strong enthusiasm for GlobalPlatform initiatives across the broad ecosystem. We see growing interest and engagement among prospective members and other key stakeholders. This underscores the central role that GlobalPlatform plays in enabling secure digital services and devices across a vast array of industry sectors and use cases. Read on for a snapshot of what’s underway with GlobalPlatform, and learn how you can get involved.

Membership Survey
This year’s member survey is open until Friday, June 7th. We greatly value your input in assessing the strategic direction of the organization. If you have not yet done so, please take 5 minutes to provide your feedback here.

Standardization Executive Roundtable
We held a Standardization Executive Roundtable on May 15 with representatives from 18 full members. This insightful session reinforced the importance of the work GlobalPlatform is doing to create technologies to support the deployment of eID solutions, as well as our current overall roadmap. We will share full results at our Technical Week coming up June 24–28 in La Ciotat, France.

Reminder—if you’ve not already signed up for Technical Week, please make sure to register here. This is a critical week—we will review ongoing technical work, update workplans, and chart the future direction of GlobalPlatform security technologies for digital services and devices. Look forward to seeing many of you there!

Automotive Activities – June 4–6
Our automotive initiative gained further momentum with a series of events in Detroit this week. We hosted the Cybersecurity Vehicle Forum, co-located with AutoTech: Detroit on June 4. The next day, we presented our work aligning GlobalPlatform specifications to SAE’s J3101 at the ESCAR USA automotive cybersecurity event. And on June 6, we participated in the AutoTech conference and exhibition. The Cybersecurity Vehicle Forum events will continue through the fall in China, Japan and Germany.

eID Wallet Seminar – September 2024
Our 2024 eID Wallet Seminar in Brussels will bring together EU regulators, government representatives, and other stakeholders to share expertise, best practice, and set future roadmaps. These sessions will build on the work being done by the eID Wallet Task Force, focusing on the frictionless deployment of GlobalPlatform in eID Wallet schemes.

In conjunction with the eID Wallet Seminar, we will also hold a two-day training session for stakeholders across the identity ecosystem. The first day will enable attendees to develop a foundational understanding of SE and the second day will provide an in-depth exploration of identity-related technologies for SE, including SAM and CSP. We will provide full details later this month.

Secure Element News
On May 14, we announced the release of a new standardized Secure Channel Protocol for secure elements, enabling remote application and file management on constrained IoT devices and low-power networks. This will help stakeholders accelerate the adoption of robust end-to-end security in IoT devices, comply with IoT cybersecurity regulations, manage updates and patches, save energy, and simplify device management. Learn more—read our press release.

SESIP Developments
Across the healthcare ecosystem, the number of IoT devices is rapidly growing as facilities and medical personnel seek efficient solutions to enhance patient care. Unfortunately, these devices are increasingly vulnerable to cyberattacks. SESIP can play a critical role in harmonizing the security evaluation processes of the medical device ecosystem. Read our blog to learn how SESIP contributes to keeping highly sensitive and confidential patient data—and even lives—safe.

Our SESIP to NISTIR 8425 Mapping document is currently in member review. The document provides mapping of our SESIP methodology security requirements to NISTIR 8425, which extends the IoT core baseline for consumer IoT products. It provides foundational guidance for manufacturers to develop IoT devices that can be used securely by customers. We encourage members to download the document and provide input by June 10.

Thank you for your continued support.

Best regards,

Ana Tavares Lattibeaudiere

Upcoming GlobalPlatform Events

June 24–28 – Technical Week – La Ciotat, France: Full and participating members.

September – eID Wallet Seminar – Brussels, Belgium: Final date TBD.

October 24 – Cybersecurity Vehicle Forum – Nagoya, Japan: Being held alongside Automotive World.

November 18–22 – Fall Member Meetings – Porto, Portugal: Joint meeting with ENISA.

November – Cybersecurity Vehicle Forum – Germany: Location and date TBD.


June 21 – TechTalk: Post-Quantum Hybrid PKI Hierarchies, presented by Mike Ounsworth, Software Security Architect at Entrust.

Industry Events

Visit the Industry Events page to view upcoming events, GlobalPlatform speaking engagements, and event discounts available to GlobalPlatform members.

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