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GlobalPlatform News – Spring Meetings, SAE Engagement, Launching GP Women and more

Letter from GlobalPlatform’s Executive Director

We are making final preparations for our Spring Meetings, taking place in San Diego, USA from March 27 to March 31.

During these meetings we will progress our work on SAM, SESIP, Automotive, SBOM and much more.

For example, on Automotive, we have been working on assessing the alignment between GlobalPlatform specifications and the Society of Automotive Engineering (SAE) standards for secure execution environments. We will be finalizing our position at the Automotive Task Force meeting on March 29. This work is essential for the joint meeting we will be holding with SAE on April 21, alongside the WCX World Congress Expo in Troy, MI.

We will also be launching our GP Women initiative on March 30 and I am excited to announce that Nicola Palmer, Chief Technology Ambassador, Verizon, will be joining as a keynote speaker. Nicola was named in the top 10 influencers list for Mobile DE&I this year and is a leader within the ecosystem.

We invite you to take advantage of this time together to further the work of our committees and task forces and join the cross collaboration that is so important. Don’t forget to register on the member workspace here, where you can also see the meeting schedule and hotel booking details.

I would also like to highlight several important Task Force initiatives that you may be interested in joining. In May, we will host our first eID Wallet Seminar in Brussels, Belgium. In parallel, a new whitepaper is being developed by the Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) Task Force, where we are actively looking for more expert contributions. You can read more on each of these initiatives below.

As always, I welcome your feedback and am looking forward to seeing you in San Diego. Your contributions are what makes GlobalPlatform’s work relevant and impactful.

Automotive Task Force, SAE, AutoSAR and more

GlobalPlatform is currently finalizing our official relationships with SAE and AUTOSAR. We have also joined the AUTOISAC community and have an active MoU with the Car Connectivity Consortium.

Please do attend the Automotive Task Force meeting on Wednesday, 29 March in San Diego where we will be finalizing our positions on key issues to discuss with SAE. As a reminder, we will also host our first joint meeting with SAE on April 21 alongside the WCX World Congress Experience in Troy, MI. Please note places are limited and priority will be given to the Automotive Task Force contributors.

Join our Automotive Task Force

GlobalPlatform announces Board of Directors for 2023

We are pleased to announce the GlobalPlatform Board of Directors for fiscal year 2023. Stéphanie El Rhomri of Fime continues in her role as GlobalPlatform Chair, joined by Olivier Van Nieuwenhuyze of STMicroelectronics who has been elected to the position of Vice Chair. Claus Dietze of Giesecke + Devrient Mobile Security takes over from Olivier as GlobalPlatform Treasurer and Secretary.

I look forward to working alongside the Board over the next 12 months, as we drive new initiatives that are supporting stakeholders from across different industries to respond to emerging cybersecurity requirements.

Read the full announcement

Cybersecurity Vehicle Forum update

GlobalPlatform’s Cybersecurity Vehicle Forum, which is open to non-members of the wider automotive value chain, continues to generate traction and input.

Our next meetings will be a remote update on March 31 and then in-person in June collocated with ESCAR USA in Detroit. We are looking forward to your participation!

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New eID Wallet and SBOM initiatives 

GlobalPlatform is built through collaboration. Our Task Forces are key to developing standards that enable convenient and trusted digital services across market sectors.

Our eID Wallet Task Force is hosting a seminar in Brussels, Belgium this May to demonstrate the importance of high security for eID schemes and the different ways that GlobalPlatform technologies can support this requirement. We will be looking for speaker suggestions and case studies that should be featured. Please contact me to get involved at

Our Software Bill Of Materials (SBOM) Task Force is developing a white paper with the objective of analyzing the impact and providing guidance on the deployment of SBOM. We are needing more of our members to participate and contribute to this output. I encourage you to join in this work and register on workspace. You are also welcome to identify experts in your organization we should be interviewing to make this whitepaper more robust.

Learn more about each of our Task Forces

Preparing for a phased migration to Post-Quantum Cryptography

In 2022, the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) announced the names of the candidate algorithms chosen to advance to the fourth round of the Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQC) Standardization process.

Olivier Van Nieuwenhuyze, our Vice Chair and Security Task Force Chair, explains how GlobalPlatform is actively engaging with our members, and with external security organizations, to ensure that security requirements from a broad range of use cases and market sectors are addressed for each phase of the migration to post-quantum cryptography.

Read the blog

SESIP’s role in the IoT ecosystem

With technology adoption showing no signs of slowing down – and consumer spending on smarter technology continuing to skyrocket – the need for greater efficiency that is both cost-effective and secure is clear. While a smarter future is an exciting prospect throughout the globe, the introduction of even more connected devices brings about a brand-new set of challenges.

In this article Technical Director Gil Bernabeu explores how the organization’s Security Evaluation Standard for IoT Platforms (SESIP) methodology provides a common and optimized approach to securing the IoT ecosystem.

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Technical Documents

New Document Releases

This update to the TEE Sockets API Specification updates Annex C to include:

  • New functionality and extensions to enable TLS 1.3 client mode.
  • Better operating mode support for TLS key establishment and authentication beyond the original Pre-Shared Keys (PSKs).
  • Eliminated TEE_tlsSocket_CertStorageCred structure and associated unions in TEE_tlsSocket_Credentials structure.
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Speaking Engagements

GlobalPlatform to present at Embedded World

On March 16, GlobalPlatform Technical Director, Gil Bernabeu will deliver his presentation “How SESIP can be used to keep pace with evolving IoT cybersecurity”. Hear him speak at Embedded World in Nuremberg to learn how the methodology is addressing security concerns across the IoT.


Hear GlobalPlatform at the EU Cybersecurity Act Conference

Georg Stütz is speaking on behalf of GlobalPlatform on March 30 at the EU Cybersecurity Act Conference in Belgium. Hear his presentation “How SESIP is supporting European goals of building a cyber resilient society” to learn how the methodology is helping to deliver advanced IoT security in line with EU regulations.

Learn more

GlobalPlatform and SAE panel at WCX

GlobalPlatform and SAE are holding a panel discussion at SAE’s WCX World Congress Experience. Join us on April 19 to hear GlobalPlatform Technical Director, Gil Bernabeu and Automotive Task Force Chair, Richard Hayton, discuss hardware secure environments with fellow industry experts.
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