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GlobalPlatform News – eID Wallet Seminar, Spring Meetings and our latest TEE updates

Letter from GlobalPlatform’s Executive Director

Thank you to everyone who attended our recent Spring Meetings. These sessions provided a great opportunity to advance a number of key priorities, including our eID Wallet, Secure Application on Mobile (SAM) and Automotive initiatives. We also kicked-off our GP Women  group to exchange and progress ideas to increase the number of women participating in standards activities. Read more below and join the Workspace.

Our next major GlobalPlatform event is coming up on April 26. Our eID Wallet Seminar will take place virtually and in Brussels, Belgium, bringing together industry leaders to discuss the importance of high security for eID schemes and the different ways that GlobalPlatform technologies can support this requirement across EU member states. Registrations for the event are still open!

Before then, however, our Automotive Task Force is holding a joint meeting with representatives from SAE on April 21 in Troy, MI, USA. Discussions will be centered around how GlobalPlatform can support hardware protected security environments in automotive use cases and how the two organizations will work together. Participation in this joint meeting will be limited to active Automotive Task Force participants. Learn how you can join this Task Force here.

Finally, congratulations to Gil Bernabeu on his promotion to Chief Technology Officer. Gil has been fundamental to the success of our organization for many years, and we’re proud to recognize his work through this promotion.

Join our eID Wallet Seminar

We are counting down to our eID Wallet Seminar!

Aimed at European regulators, government representatives and all stakeholders involved in the deployment and issuing of eID schemes in the EU, GlobalPlatform’s full-day seminar will focus on:

  • Future-proofing digital identity in Europe with security, trust and interoperability;
  • Different technical deployment models for eID wallets available today;
  • Using the SIM for eID wallets and the future Secure Application on Mobile (SAM) model;
  • Future outlook and benefits of certification for eID wallets.

We are also offering a full-day training session on April 25 for government representatives, policy makers and companies involved in the eID ecosystem to learn about Secure Element technologies and how they can support eID

Register to attend

eID White Paper

The European Union Digital Identity (EUDI) Wallet is a new digital identity solution on mobile devices that will provide a secure and convenient way for citizens to prove and share identity information throughout Europe.

GlobalPlatform recently published a white paper on the EUDI Wallet, discussing what the initiative means for a wide range of online and offline services and transactions across the European Union, and why it is important that it has been thoroughly tested and is interoperable, secure, and reliable.

Download now

Spring Meetings 

Our Spring Meetings took place in San Diego, running from March 27-31. These meetings brought together the GlobalPlatform membership to discuss and advance key initiatives including eID, SAM, SESIP, SBOM and more.

This was a productive week of discussion and collaboration as we explored the work of our member-led committees and task forces and discussed the latest challenges and opportunities that our ecosystem faces.

Learn more

GP Women Initiative 

A highlight of our recent Spring Meetings was the launch of our GP Women initiative. Joined by Nicki Palmer, Chief Technology Ambassador at Verizon, attendees at the group’s inaugural meeting discussed possible initiatives that could be undertaken to increase the participation of women in security standards development within GlobalPlatform and beyond.

Women’s participation in standards development is approximately half that of men and the gap is even more pronounced at senior levels. That’s why GlobalPlatform is proud to be championing women in the cybersecurity ecosystem, and we call on women and allies alike to join us in addressing this imbalance.


TEE Updates

Agence nationale de la sécurité des systèmes d'information has used the GlobalPlatform TEE protection profile to draft its MCU Root of Trust protection profile. This makes it possible to get a Common Criteria certification for secure MCUs, building critical trust in secure devices.

Alongside this protection profile, our TEE Committee has submitted its Post Quantum enabling and Hypervisor friendly TEE Internal Core API 1.4 for member review. It has also submitted TEE TLS 1.3 extensions that will improve Man In The Middle resilience.

Up next, the TEE committee will focus on threading and asynchronous uses for TEE Internal Core API 1.5.

Learn more and get involved

Cybersecurity Vehicle Forum

Mark your calendar for the next Cybersecurity Vehicle Forum (CSVF) taking place in Plymouth, MI, USA (Detroit) on June 20 from 10am to 4pm. This event will share progress on our coordination with SAE, explore the guidelines on trust anchors for automotive, broaden the discussion with US automakers and identify other areas of priority.

Attendees can join us in person or virtually and is open to members and non-members to ensure engagement with the wider automotive value chain.

Register here
Technical Documents

New Document Releases

The Product Qualification Process is a verification by GlobalPlatform Certification Body (CB) that a product has demonstrated sufficient conformance to GlobalPlatform Specifications and (if applicable) to a specific configuration.

Speaking Engagements

GlobalPlatform and SAE panel at WCX

GlobalPlatform is taking part in a panel alongside SAE at the upcoming WCX World Congress Experience on April 19.

Hear from GlobalPlatform’s Chief Technology Officer, Gil Bernabeu and Automotive Task Force Chair, Richard Hayton, as they explore hardware secure environments in automotive use cases with fellow industry experts.


Join GlobalPlatform at the Autosar Open Conference

Chief Technology Officer, Gil Bernabeu and Automotive Lead, Francesca Forestieri will be attending the Autosar Open Conference on May 11 and 12 in San Diego, CA USA. Gil will be delivering his presentation “Supporting Trustworthiness in Automotive Cybersecurity” at 15:25 PST on May 11.

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