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Toppan Forms Co., Ltd. Joins GlobalPlatform

24 June 2013 – GlobalPlatform, the organization which standardizes the management of applications on secure chip technology, has announced information management solutions specialist, Toppan Forms Co., Ltd. as its latest Observer Member.

As a GlobalPlatform Observer Member, Toppan Forms is able to participate in the GlobalPlatform Advisory Council and market-specific task force discussions. It will have a particular focus on the management of secure payment applications deployed to mobile devices.

Takayuki Hanada, Director, NFC Promotion Division at Toppan Forms, comments: “With the payments ecosystem developing at such a rapid pace, we are keen to build our understanding of this environment and contribute to the advancement of remote secure element security. We believe that GlobalPlatform provides us with the opportunity to be part of future discussions regarding the evolution of this ecosystem.”

Kevin Gillick, Executive Director of GlobalPlatform, adds: “The Asian market continues to produce exciting smart card innovations in mobile and payments, so we are delighted to see ongoing engagement from the region. We look forward to welcoming Toppan Forms to GlobalPlatform and receiving its input into the many topics currently under discussion in the Mobile Task Force.”

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