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Terminal Providers To Benefit From Launch Of GlobalPlatform GPD/STIP Development Bench

Trusted Logic provides the technology behind it.

13 May 2003: GlobalPlatform, the global smart card organization, in conjunction with STIP Consortium, announces the completion of the GPD/STIP Simulator, developed by Trusted Logic. This simulator is a comprehensive PC-based tool that will provide an educational template for terminal manufacturers who wish to understand the particular nature of the GPD/STIP framework (asynchronous event orientation) specified by the GlobalPlatform Device Committee.

The GPD/STIP simulator will also provide both a training tool and a testing workbench for Application Developers responsible for coding GPD/STIP compliant device applications to run on STIP compliant terminals.

This simulator and its sources will be immediately available to Members of GlobalPlatform and the STIP Consortium and the simulator binary code will also be made available to non-Members of these organizations from 30 June 2003. With Java CardTM technology reaching maturity, the interoperability emphasis is now shifting to terminals. The aim is for the terminal community to deploy an open technology, as cards did a few years back, to introduce associated benefits such as flexibility, increased application dynamics and cost reduction in new application deployment.

GPD/STIP is the current industry programming framework which allows a device application to run on different terminal types and requires a limited amount of rewriting, while respecting terminal manufacturers’ competitive differentiation. The GlobalPlatform and STIP Consortiums are now taking the initiative to disseminate the technology through a PC-based tool that allows Application Providers and Terminal Manufacturers to begin training their developers and testing their applications. Nevertheless, this free simulator does not replace comprehensive development products that will be marketed by specialized companies such as Trusted Logic or others.

Jean-Paul Billon, Chairman of both the GlobalPlatform Device Committee and the STIP Consortium, comments: “The release of the GPD/STIP Simulator is an important step in a process that started three years ago with the creation of the STIP Consortium. With GlobalPlatform endorsing this work, we are now at a stage where the technology needs to be disseminated to the markets. We believe it is sufficiently robust to sustain the trial and we are giving away the simulator to drive its adoption within the terminal community."

Dominique Bolignano, President and CEO of Trusted Logic, adds: “For Trusted Logic, this development is part of a cross-industry strategy initiated a couple of years ago, which aimed at creating a set of software building blocks to secure embedded systems based on open technologies. We have now captured the essence of these platform developments under the name of Trusted Foundations, and are proud to witness the endorsement of one of their derivatives by GlobalPlatform."

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GlobalPlatform PR contact at CT/ST 2003: Lee’ann Connell, Tel: +44 (0) 7802 487 624

About GlobalPlatform:

GlobalPlatform is the only cross-industry forum focused on the development, management and promotion of specifications for smart cards, devices and systems. With support from its global member organizations, GlobalPlatform promotes a standard framework facilitating the implementation of smart card programs in any industry around the world. GlobalPlatform allows flexibility in the choice of technologies and vendors through an emphasis on open standards for cards, terminals and support infrastructure. GlobalPlatform totals fifty-six members from across Europe, USA, Australia, Japan and Korea, including issuers, manufacturers, and vendors of multiple application smart cards, such as American Express, Datacard Group, MasterCard International, Oberthur, Proton World, SchlumbergerSema, Sun Microsystems, Thales and Visa International, as well as several government bodies.

About STIP Consortium:

The STIP Consortium has been created in 2000 by a group of payment terminal manufacturers to design a common application programming framework for devices involved in secure transaction. The STIP Consortium has published in 2002 the version 2.1 of its specification, which is a major and stable release.

The STIP Consortium and GlobalPlatform have signed an agreement of cooperation that results in the endorsement of STIP 2.1 as the foundation of the GPD specification. The STIP Consortium is actively working on two declinations called profiles of the STIP technology, one for EFT-POS terminals, which is now complete, and one for mobile devices still under completion. Another organization, FINREAD (, has also endorsed the STIP technology and has defined a profile specific for secure personal card readers.

The STIP Consortium has currently 16 members from across US, Australia, China and Europe, including the major EFT-POS manufacturers, Verifone, Hypercom, Ingenico, Thales, Schlumberger, Sagem, Intellect, Shera, Cybernet, software platform providers, Trusted-Logic, Silicomp, Cardsoft and Calton Hill, and for now two major players of the mobile phone industry, the chipset maker Texas Instrument and the mobile phone operator Orange that are working to the completion of the STIP mobile profile. For more information about STIP Consortium, visit

About Trusted Logic:

French start-up created in January 1999, Trusted Logic has enjoyed ever since an undisputed image of competence in the embedded systems industry. Technology enabler by excellence, Trusted Logic is at the leading edge of secure embedded technologies for open systems and has built the Trusted Foundations you need to bring the utmost security to your smart card or terminal business. Central to Trusted Logic strategy, our Trusted Foundations are accompanied by certification tools and security services to offer the most comprehensive and reliable solutions. For more information about Trusted Logic, visit

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