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Standardized Interface For Smart Card Personalization Becomes A Reality

New GlobalPlatform Specification defines homogenous interface for data exchange between Issuers and Personalization Bureaus

13 May 2003 – GlobalPlatform today announces that it has defined a standard interface for the exchange of data between a personalization data preparation system and a personalization bureau. The new GlobalPlatform Load and Personalization Interface Specification v1.0, will, for the first time, enable Issuers to communicate in a standard way with different service providers during the personalization process. This new Specification will provide a fast and easy exchange of information in the personalization process, which will result in a reduced time to market for customized cards, lower implementation costs and a better quality of service for Issuers. “This release marks a huge advancement in the interoperability between global smart card systems,” says Jerry Johnson, Chairman of GlobalPlatform and CEO / President of Datacard Group. “Through the GlobalPlatform Load and Personalization Interface Specification v1.0, together with the GlobalPlatform Guide to Common Personalization v1.0, GlobalPlatform can now provide a complete set of standards, which define how to personalize a single or multiple application smart card, at no cost to any organization in the world.”


The GlobalPlatform Load and Personalization Interface Specification defines containers that allow personalized data to be transmitted, for GlobalPlatform multi-application cards or single application native static cards. The Specification also defines containers that allow personalization bureaus to use job related data transmission for batch preparation in accordance with the technical environment, job priority, cost or other Issuer criteria. This Specification aims to help develop the business-to business relationship between the Issuer and the personalization bureau.

(* - see Notes to editors for more technical information).

Jerry Johnson concludes: “The release of the GlobalPlatform Load and Personalization Interface Specification demonstrates GlobalPlatform’s commitment to establishing and maintaining relevant and unexampled technological standards for the benefit of the global smart card industry. I am excited by our continued progress to this end and look forward to further developments, which we will be able to share with the industry throughout 2003 and beyond.”


The GlobalPlatform Load and Personalization Interface Specification is available for free download to members and non-members of GlobalPlatform from

At the time of release, Bell ID, Cryptomathic, Datacard, Gemplus, IBM and UbiQ expressed their commitment to support this standard interface.

For further information or to download the new GlobalPlatform Load and Personalization Interface Specification, please visit or contact the GlobalPlatform Secretariat by email at:

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About GlobalPlatform:

GlobalPlatform is the only cross-industry forum focused on the development, management and promotion of specifications for smart cards, devices and systems. With support from its global member organizations, GlobalPlatform promotes a standard framework facilitating the implementation of smart card programs in any industry around the world. GlobalPlatform allows flexibility in the choice of technologies and vendors through an emphasis on open standards for cards, terminals and support infrastructure.

GlobalPlatform totals fifty-six members from across Europe, USA, Australia, Japan and Korea, including issuers, manufacturers, and vendors of multiple application smart cards, such as American Express, Datacard, Gemplus, MasterCard International, Oberthur, Proton World, Schlumberger, Sun Microsystems, Thales and Visa International, as well as several government bodies.

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