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Shanghai COS Software Joins GlobalPlatform

17 November 2011 – GlobalPlatform, the organization which standardizes the management of applications on secure chip technology, welcomes China-based chip operating system (COS) developer, personalization bureau and supplier, Shanghai COS, as its latest member. Shanghai COS joins GlobalPlatform as an Observer Member and will further strengthen the organization’s membership base of chip manufacturers and operating system developers.

The company’s participation in GlobalPlatform activities will enable it to be involved in the organization’s market-specific task forces, where Shanghai COS will bring expertise in COS design and development to the organization.

James Ni, Company Vice President, Shanghai COSW, comments: “As a COS developer, Shanghai COS forms the framework for all chip-based applications and is therefore fundamental in the creation of a secure and interoperable environment for residing applications. By joining GlobalPlatform we look forward to sharing our knowledge with application developers and vendors to help shape the future direction of secure chip-based technology.”

Kevin Gillick, Executive Director of GlobalPlatform, adds: “As an expert in secure chip-based application development, we welcome Shanghai COS to the organization and look forward to benefiting from the wealth of knowledge it brings from extensive research and development activities in this area.”

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