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GlobalPlatform, the first cross-industry organisation to promote a standardised technical framework for multiple application smart cards, has received a significant membership boost. Five influential organisations have recently signed up as members, bringing the organisation’s membership level to a total of 54 companies, just 23 months after its inception in September 1999.

Since May 2001, the following organisations have joined GlobalPlatform:
· United States Postal Service –National postal organisation
· Scotiabank – One of North America’s leading financial institutions
· Industrial Technology Research Institute – Non-profit research and development organisation, based in Taiwan
· SETEC – Developer and manufacturer of high security smart cards
· Toppan Printing Co. Ltd. – Japanese based company, specialising in securities & cards, commercial and publications printing, packaging, industrial materials, electronics and multimedia.

These new members add significant weight to GlobalPlatform’s membership, not only in terms of number, but also in terms of industry representation and influence. They join existing members such as American Express, BT Ignite, Gemplus, Proton World, NTT, IBM, Visa International and Sun Microsystems.

Bryce Hutt, Group Manager for Smart Card Programs at Scotiabank, comments on his organisation’s recent decision to join GlobalPlatform: “When GlobalPlatform was formed, it was logical that Scotiabank would become a member, as the group shares the philosophy on developing standards to make smart cards economically viable. My organisation considers our GlobalPlatform membership mutually beneficial and we will certainly aim to be an active and audible member within the GlobalPlatform forum.”
Steve Brown, Chairman of GlobalPlatform and Head of Business Development Security and Messaging at BT Ignite, says: “The quality of organisations that GlobalPlatform attracts, ensures rapid progress is made with developing specifications and because of this, GlobalPlatform has become an influential body for the smart card industry.

“Progress is currently being made in the development of standards for Smart Card Management Systems and the recent launch of the Open Platform Card Specification, Version 2.1, was a landmark success thanks to the combined efforts of GlobalPlatform members. The result was the first cross industry specification intended to standardise the technology infrastructure for multiple application smart-cards across operating systems.

“Our new members are prime examples of the key organisations that we are attracting and who will drive GlobalPlatform’s success in the future and I would like to extend a very warm welcome to those who have recently joined us. The board now looks forward to continuing GlobalPlatform’s influence, by working with new and existing members to reduce the barriers hindering the growth of cross-industry, multiple application smart cards.”

GlobalPlatform has established a structured recruitment campaign, involving all current members, that is designed to attract new members from various industries and sectors. In this way, GlobalPlatform can continue to work towards developing standards that meet the needs of all those issuing or planning to issue multiple application smart cards.
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GlobalPlatform background

GlobalPlatform is the only cross-industry forum focused on the development, management and promotion of specifications for multiple application smart cards, smart card applications, and enabling devices. With support from its global member organizations, GlobalPlatform promotes a standard framework facilitating the implementation of smart card programs in any industry around the world. GlobalPlatform allows flexibility in the choice of technologies and vendors through an emphasis on open standards for cards, terminals and support infrastructure.

The Open Platform card and terminal specifications are the first open standards adopted by GlobalPlatform and will provide a solid foundation from which the organization will define the future of multiple application smart cards.

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