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GlobalPlatform To Address Privacy Through Specification Advancements

GlobalPlatform To Address Privacy Through Specification Advancements GlobalPlatform framework to define universal approach to privacy enhanced technology

8 November 2013 – Industry association GlobalPlatform has publicly released its Privacy Framework Requirements document. The publication provides an overview of how GlobalPlatform Specifications will address the issue of privacy in relation to the management of applications and data on secure chip technology.  Once completed, the framework will assist governments during their Privacy Impact Assessment Process (PIA) as well as enterprises conducting privacy-related activities.

The GlobalPlatform Privacy Framework is being created to provide implementers with the tools and knowledge of ‘how’ regulatory privacy guidelines can be applied using GlobalPlatform’s Card Specifications. Using commonly referenced industry definitions, the framework will define a selection of privacy attributes – with precise properties and terminology – to create a unique, global framework that enables applications with different privacy requirements to reside on the same platform. The framework will be applicable to any privacy enhanced technology (PET).

The GlobalPlatform Privacy Framework Requirements document was first shared with GlobalPlatform’s members in early 2013 for feedback. It is now being released to the wider industry to clearly communicate how GlobalPlatform Specifications will support privacy in the future.

“GlobalPlatform’s framework will offer a clear implementation approach,” explains Gil Bernabeu, Technical Director at GlobalPlatform. “As more private and sensitive data is stored and shared across multiple markets, GlobalPlatform recognizes the need to bring consistency and structure to this environment to established a single set of ‘rules’ that can act as a guide for those looking to deploy PET.”

GlobalPlatform’s first priority is establishing how privacy properties can be implemented within GlobalPlatform Card Specifications for applications residing on a secure element. This work will form the initial structure of the privacy framework.

Gil adds: “As a cross-industry organization, we are in the privileged position of being able to draw on expertise from multiple markets and bring them together into one, cohesive document which addresses the needs and regulatory requirements of each and every market with regard to privacy. We encourage engagement with our privacy work from all corners of the industry and look forward to delivering the common, platform approach to privacy in the near future.”

For further information on how to become a member and get involved with GlobalPlatform’s privacy work, visit our membership pages.

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