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GlobalPlatform Qualifies Galitt Secure Element Contactless Test Suite, an outcome of years of collaboration between Galitt and the secure chip solution standardization body

Galitt KaNest®-ICC test tool has received GlobalPlatform qualification for its Contactless Secure Element Test Suite. Thanks to a close collaboration with GlobalPlatform, Galitt is recognized as an undisputable expert able to support all stakeholders in the industry willing to implement GlobalPlatform specifications.

Boulogne (France), October 24th, 2016

GlobalPlatform, an international industry standardization body, has qualified the implementation of the Secure Element Contactless Test Suite in Galitt KaNest®-ICC. In a mobile transaction model, the Secure Element, embedded in a handset enables performing all security functions including tokenization, ciphering, signature etc. required to accomplish mobile payment transactions. Typically, a Contactless Secure Element is built using the same type of chip as a SIM or payment smart card.

Galitt has implemented in its KaNest®-ICC simulator different methods to test contactless Secure Elements:

  • The tool emulates a payment terminal and sends commands to the Secure Element through the NFC contactless interfaces of the payment terminal and the handset,
  • The tool addresses the Secure Element like a contact card, sending regular smart card ISO 7816 commands,
  • The tool addresses the Secure Element through the SWP (Single Wire Protocol), as an equivalent to contactless commands.

As they implement all GlobalPlatform test specifications, Galitt testing software are ideally positioned for handset developers, integrators and more globally all stakeholders in the telecom and payment markets who want to propose handsets and other devices including a Secure Element compliant with GlobalPlatform specifications.

François Inglebert, Marketing Director, Testing Solutions at Galitt declares: “This qualification comes in continuity of a long-standing collaboration relationship between GlobalPlatform and Galitt. We keep on supporting GlobalPlatform and all stakeholders who decide to use GP specifications, for the design and implementation of their products.”

GlobalPlatform has qualified:

  • Galitt Secure Element Test Suites for its configuration “Secure Element Test Suite v1.0,” with “Secure Element Test Suite v1.3.0.”,
  • Galitt Secure Element Test Suites for its configuration “Secure Element Contactless Extension Amend C v1.0.1” with the “Secure Element Contactless Extension Test Suite v1.0.0.“.

GlobalPlatform is a non-profit association with now over 120 members, which specializes in specifications to facilitate the secure deployment and management of multiple embedded applications on secure chip technology.

About Galitt ( - Galitt offers consulting and services dedicated to payment systems and secure electronic transactions. With a full set of recognized skills and know-how, Galitt assists its clients during the whole project life cycle: experts from the Payment Consulting Unit with their innovative approaches shed light on strategic choices; consultants from the Payment Services Unit support customers implementing their payment projects; teams from Testing Solutions Unit develop test software and take an active role in test automation and certification processes; staff from the Payment Solutions Unit build and run added-value payment applications; trainers from the Payment Education Unit broadcast Galitt expertise and skills during their seminars.

CattiTM, KaNest®, VisuCard®, G-TokenizerTM and VisuBank® are software designed, developed and maintained by Galitt that may also host and operate them.


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