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Galitt Test Tool qualified by GlobalPlatform for ID Configuration Compliance

Thanks to Galitt continuous commitment to GlobalPlatform, its KaNest®-ICC Card functional test tool has been qualified for 2 years now by the industry association for the ID Configuration Compliance Test Suite. This way, developers of ID cards, ePassports and other ID documents benefit from Galitt’s complete test suite to ensure interoperability and security.

Boulogne-Billancourt (France), March, 2016

GlobalPlatform, the organization which standardizes the management of applications on secure chip technology, has been publishing its GlobalPlatform Card Specification, and specific implementation guidelines providing a suitable framework for card content management in the context of the ID market, including contact, contactless or dual interface ID cards, driving licenses, ePassports etc.

KaNest®-ICC Card test tool implements the official GlobalPlatform test suite v1.7.0 that allows to simulate the commands from an acceptance device to the card and to check the conformity of card applications to the GlobalPlatform specification. KaNest®-ICC easy set up ensures a flexible and fast analysis of test results. In addition, KaNest®-ICC allows test automation and time saving as tests can be performed through a physical reader or through a virtual reader to ease debugging and regression testing; thus testing execution can be fully automated.

“Galitt provides test tools for all GlobalPlatform specifications. This demonstrates our commitment to the industry association and our durable collaboration with all the leading stakeholders in the secure transactions industry,” declared Vincent Mesnier, Director of Integration Services at Galitt.

Galitt, a member of GlobalPlatform for over five years, has established a durable relationship with the industry association, and developed test suites following all specifications published by GlobalPlatform. Now, the qualification of KaNest®-ICC Card test tool for the ID Configuration Compliance Test Suite v1.7.0 demonstrates the long-standing commitment of Galitt to the success of GlobalPlatform.

Under GlobalPlatform model based testing approach, an xml abstract test suite is provided to tool vendor. Test tools have to transform the abstract tests into executable test cases , and then participate in test sessions where test tool developers and card manufacturers bring their developments face to face in order to ensure the compatibility of test tools and cards with the specification. Final qualification is obtained through “TestFest” where test tools and cards are confronted with each other and need to reach a given compatibility threshold to obtain GlobalPlatform qualification.

About Galitt ( - For more than 20 years, Galitt has been offering consulting and services in payment systems and secure electronic transactions. Regarding consulting and assistance, Galitt is providing its customers with services from strategic choices to system implementation via system design and support: business consulting, EFT business analysis and expertise, audit and security, design, specification & project management, acceptance testing, technical assistance and development, training. Engineering and technology activities are covering bespoke development, software integration, turnkey solutions, hosted solutions and testing software. Galitt indeed offers petrol and loyalty card solutions (Catti™), simulators (KaNest®), personalization validation tools (VisuCard®) and added-value solutions (VisuBank®, private labels…).

Being the reference in payment systems and electronic transactions, Galitt is the leader in France in all its businesses, and a worldwide leader in providing test tools and expertise in payment innovation.


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