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Galitt TEE Test Suite v2.0 is adopted by Applus+ Laboratories China

Galitt Test Suite for the TEE (Trusted Execution Environment) has been chosen by Applus+ Laboratories China, which uses it for the certification of TEEs, in the very dynamic Chinese market.

Boulogne (France), September 26th, 2016

Thanks to Galitt TEE Test Suite v2.0, Applus+ Laboratories China, a subsidiary of Applus+, has been accredited by GlobalPlatform as a Qualified Laboratory Service for testing the Trusted Execution environment specification Initial TEE Configuration v1.0.

A Trusted Execution Environment is a secure enclosure in the baseband processor of a smartphone that allows the execution of applications in a secure manner, without compromising keys, codes or sensitive data. Especially in China, many handset vendors are implementing TEEs in their handset in order to propose a convenient and easy means to run mobile and online payment, or premium content protection applications to app developers.

Applus+ Laboratories China has demonstrated to GlobalPlatform they are in possession of a qualified tool and have the expertise to confirm a product's compliance to GlobalPlatform Configurations. These performances has been achieved thanks to Galitt TEE Test Suite v2.0, which allows to test the whole series of Global Platform Specifications belonging to the “TEE Initial Configuration v1.1”:

  • TEE Client API Specification v1.0 - July 2010
  • TEE Client API Specification v1.0 Errata and Precisions v2.0 - April 2014
  • TEE Internal Core API Specification v1.1.1

François Inglebert, Marketing Director, Testing Solutions at Galitt declares: ”We are in line with market demand as the TEE technology has been widely implemented by Chinese smartphone vendors. As our tools, compliant with the GlobalPlatform latest test specifications are already recognized on the Chinese market, we have the assurance they will be adopted by numerous players worldwide.”

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