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Why Certify?

Certification schemes promote a collaborative and open ecosystem where digital services and devices can be trusted

Certification validates that a product meets a set of relevant national, global and/or industry requirements. It is essential to facilitate trust, confidence and collaboration between stakeholders and foster market stability and growth.


  • Demonstrates conformance, interoperability and robustness
  • Enables stakeholders to maximize the potential of existing opportunities and break into new markets
  • Confirms alignment with business, security, regulatory and data protection requirements
  • Differentiates products from competitive solutions
  • Reduces costs and time to market
  • Protects brands and end users.

GlobalPlatform supports the ecosystem in several ways. The organization operates functional and security certification programs, enabling stakeholders to verify product adherence to the association’s technical specifications, market-specific configurations and security levels.

The organization is also supporting IoT device makers and certification bodies to adopt the Security Evaluation Standard for IoT Platforms (SESIP) Methodology. Members expect that the methodology will enable multiple IoT ecosystems to establish their own IoT device security certification schemes, allow recognition of evaluation results across IoT markets and the onboarding of experienced labs to those SESIP-based schemes. Finally, GlobalPlatform coordinates a community of certified test laboratories, enabling stakeholders to evaluate in line with GlobalPlatform requirements and best practices.

Enabling Certification

GlobalPlatform Certification Schemes

Independent and industry-driven certification programs

GlobalPlatform operates functional and security certification schemes, allowing product vendors to demonstrate product adherence to GlobalPlatform’s specifications, market-specific configurations and protection profiles.

The internationally-recognized programs are independently operated and referenced by EMVCo, GSMA and other industry bodies, with testing of certified products provided by GlobalPlatform-approved laboratories globally.

Service providers can request the certification stamp to verify a product matches their security and privacy needs. Laboratories and test tool suppliers can work with GlobalPlatform to become accredited and offer their own GlobalPlatform-certified test services.

Security Evaluation Standard for IoT Platforms (SESIP)

Supporting the specific certification needs of the IoT ecosystem

GlobalPlatform recognizes that many IoT products are comprised of more components than traditional security evaluation approaches were designed to address, which is why it is supporting the Security Evaluation Standard for IoT Platforms (SESIP).

SESIP is a common security evaluation methodology designed specifically for the IoT platforms and platform parts on which these products are based. Certification bodies and device makers can use GlobalPlatform’s SESIP Methodology to manage the evaluation of their device ecosystems and establish their own SESIP certification schemes.

GlobalPlatform can provide existing SESIP documents, Protection Profiles and approaches on establishing schemes that support the methodology. Certification bodies can onboard an existing GlobalPlatform laboratory or GlobalPlatform can assist them in training and certifying new labs.

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An ISO Accredited Certification Body

GlobalPlatform is ISO 17065 accredited, demonstrating its state-of-the-art certification processes

GlobalPlatform is an ISO/IEC 17065 compliant certification body. By ensuring compliance, GlobalPlatform has demonstrated its state-of-the-art functional and security certification processes. The ISO 17065 accreditation (number 5486.01) strengthens the value of the qualifications vendors achieve through its schemes, reinforces the role of the schemes with industry partners and positions GlobalPlatform to seize opportunities as cybersecurity requirements evolve.

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Managed certification & qualification services

GlobalPlatform already supports EMVCo, GSMA & Secure Identity Alliance

GlobalPlatform’s functional and security certification schemes are recognized across industries and have achieved ISO 17065 accreditation. The organization uses this expertise and infrastructure to support a number of other organizations with managed certification and qualification services.

GlobalPlatform can support our organization with certification and qualification services. Get in touch to learn more.

OSIA qualification program

GlobalPlatform is the qualification authority of Secure Identity Alliance’s OSIA global qualification program, and issues an ‘OSIA-qualified’ mark to vendors following the successful assessment of their products/solutions against the OSIA test plan.

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Find out about how ISO 17065 accreditation is strengthening the value of GlobalPlatform certification schemes from our Executive Director, Kevin Gillick, and Technical Director, Gil Bernabeu

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