GlobalPlatform for Certification Bodies

GlobalPlatform supports certification bodies to grow their business through schemes that validate products against specific market needs and regulations, and reduce cost and complexity of evaluation.

GlobalPlatform has over 10 years’ experience in establishing and managing functional and security certification schemes. The organization can therefore support certification bodies in a range of ways to facilitate product testing and evaluation against multiple market regulations and use case requirements, to meet the needs of existing customers and support new ones.

Firstly, GlobalPlatform can certify secure components for use in other schemes and certification bodies can request GlobalPlatform certificates before starting their own evaluations. GlobalPlatform can also collaborate with certification bodies to manage product evaluations that relate to GlobalPlatform technology, enabling them to focus on the business model of the certification process. Finally, the organization is enabling certification bodies to adopt the Security Evaluation Standard for IoT Platforms (SESIP) methodology and establish their own IoT device security certification schemes.

What Does GlobalPlatform Offer Certification Bodies?

GlobalPlatform-certified components are trusted and used by device makers, service providers, application develops and IoT cloud platform providers across multiple markets around the world.

Certification Bodies can work with GlobalPlatform to identify requirements and establish their own Secure Element (SE) and Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) product certifications, to accelerate reuse and adoption of their services across other schemes that reference GlobalPlatform.

GlobalPlatform also supports certification bodies to manage their schemes, by providing access to a network of accredited laboratories and tools for independent security and functional testing.

GlobalPlatform’s functional and security certification programs are referenced by EMVCo, FIDO Alliance, GSMA and other industry bodies, with testing provided by GlobalPlatform-approved laboratories globally. Certification bodies can leverage GlobalPlatform’s ready-made ecosystem to validate products that answer specific security and functional market requirements.

GlobalPlatform also supports certification bodies in adopting the SESIP Methodology and establishing their own IoT device security certification schemes.

Certification bodies can use GlobalPlatform’s implementation documents, protection profiles and guidelines to onboard experienced labs and manage their own SESIP-based schemes. This enables collaboration with other certification bodies to ensure consistency of evaluations, bringing greater trust to the IoT devices deployed within their country or region.

GlobalPlatform is building a network of experienced labs and certification bodies around the world, focused on sharing best practices and driving consistent industry-wide approaches that ensure the security of connected objects.

Certification bodies can engage in GlobalPlatform’s Task Forces and Working Groups to align and map their requirements against other schemes. This is key to facilitating certificate recognition, building consistency and reducing the cost and complexity of evaluation.

Latest Resources for Certification Bodies

White Paper: Quantifying Benefits of SESIP Reuse

This whitepaper explains how the use of the SESIP evaluation framework benefits different stakeholders from the IoT ecosystem in terms of time, effort and cost. It also explores the concept of reuse, describing how the security evaluation of composite products comprising already evaluated elements, as well as reuse of evaluation results across certification schemes, can reduce the cost and duration of security certifications.


White Paper: GlobalPlatform Technology Virtual Primary Platform (VPP)

As SE technology evolves there are opportunities to leverage new chip architectures, like integrated SEs (iSEs) and enhanced embedded SEs (eSEs) to support new business needs. Our white paper explores the benefits of VPP, how it supports a variety of use cases and gives clear areas of responsibility for the certification process.


IoTopia: Framework for IoT Security

GlobalPlatform’s IoTopia Framework enables device makers to build in line with a consolidated set of parameters by mapping to leading global guidelines and regulations, and support tiers of security as well as certification in desired verticals. GlobalPlatform welcomes engagement from certification bodies to contribute their requirements.

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