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As our digital world expands, standardized technologies are critical to ensure the delivery of secure solutions that offer end-to-end security, privacy, simplicity and convenience to users.

Securing digital services and devices - from smart cards to complex smartphones and IoT devices - requires close collaboration between chip makers, OS and application developers, device manufacturers and end users. GlobalPlatform provides standardized technologies and certifications that enable innovative, secure-by-design digital services and devices to be developed, launched and managed.

GlobalPlatform technologies are:

  • Designed to support and facilitate collaboration between the whole ecosystem;
  • Developed through an open and consensus-driven process, led by members working in collaboration with industry partners and other interested parties;
  • Maintained through the work of GlobalPlatform’s technical committees;
  • Market and device agnostic, enabling solutions to be quickly and cost effectively deployed;
  • Already securing billions of smart cards, smartphones, wearables and other types of IoT devices;
  • Freely available to the industry.
Securing digital services and devices, from the RoT to the cloud.

Starting with Security-by-Design

To protect digital services and devices, the architecture of each platform that composes the device must be developed with a secure by design approach. GlobalPlatform-based secure components - Secure Element (SE) and Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) - offer device makers and developers a secure platform upon which to build their solutions, founded on a Root of Trust (RoT) and enabling Chains of Trust using GlobalPlatform TPS APIs.

Building Trust Between Digital Services and Devices

Developers need to be able to access the secure services offered by devices, regardless of the device design. Secure services therefore need to be easily usable and identifiable to simplify the process of hosting apps and services, and connecting securely to the cloud to access full value of connectivity.

GlobalPlatform’s TPS APIs and Device Trust Architecture (DTA) framework give cloud platforms and digital service providers a standardized way to access secure services and attestation mechanisms within a device.

Product Testing and Certification

Testing and certification enable manufacturers to demonstrate the quality and security of their solutions and propagates trust among service providers. GlobalPlatform facilitates product testing and certification to demonstrate compliance with regulations and requirements. It operates a network of independent laboratories trained to carry out functional and security assessment and evaluation. The organization is also supporting IoT device makers and certification bodies to adopt the SESIP Methodology and establish their own IoT device security certification schemes.

Secure Lifecycle Management

Industry, service provider, device maker and end-user requirements change rapidly, making the ability to securely update devices and applications essential. At the component level, GlobalPlatform’s secure component specifications enable secure, remote lifecycle management.

GlobalPlatform Resources
Secure Element

GlobalPlatform standardizes a range of stand-alone, embedded and integrated SE and secure MCU technologies. Manufacturers can develop once and deploy everywhere, and service providers, device makers and application developers can have confidence when developing their products.

Trusted Execution Environment and Secure MCU

GlobalPlatform’s TEE specifications enable manufacturers to deliver flexible security that meets the need of different markets and use cases, and service providers to deploy their services across any device with a certified TEE. Users also benefit from greater simplicity, convenience, security and privacy.

Trusted Platform Services

GlobalPlatform TPS APIs makes it easier for service providers and app developers to use secure services offered by standardized secure components within a device, and Chains of Trust to be built from the Root of Trust to the cloud service.


This document specifies a low-level API for the minimum UICC functionality needed in low-cost constrained IoT devices. This includes functions for network attachment and functions for cellular subscription profile download and management.

Functional and Security Certification

GlobalPlatform creates trust in the industry through its independent functional and security certification schemes. They enable device makers and service providers to verify product adherence to industry requirements, and validate the security of products in line with three security levels.

SESIP Methodology

GlobalPlatform supports IoT device makers, certification bodies and security laboratories to adopt the SESIP Methodology and establish their own IoT device security certification schemes. It is a common and optimized approach for evaluating the security of connected products for the evolving IoT ecosystem.

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