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GlobalPlatform News – Fall meetings, SESIP EN adoption, and the SIDI Hub Initiative

Letter from GlobalPlatform’s Executive Director

Our annual Fall Meetings are taking place in Athens from November 6-10. We’ll be at the Hotel Divani Palace Acropolis in Athens, Greece for an insightful week of discussion and debate as we align on our organizational and technical priorities. Key topics on the agenda include automotive, eID wallet and the inaugural meetings of our SESIP Committee. All GlobalPlatform members are invited to book your place now.

In more SESIP news, the IoT security evaluation standard continues to grow thanks to recognition by the European Committee for Standardization, CEN and CENELEC. By giving stakeholders a single point of reference for IoT cybersecurity, SESIP is helping to raise the bar for security and address the complex and costly fragmentation that currently persists.

I would also like to make members aware of a new whitepaper entitled Trust and Security in Automotive Systems. This resource, developed by the Automotive Task Force, provides an overview of the GlobalPlatform solutions that can be used together or independently to meet current and emerging automotive security requirements.

Finally, GlobalPlatform is sponsoring the Secure Identity Alliance Interoperability Summit at this year’s TRUSTECH event on Wednesday November 29th in Paris. During this session, we’ll be discussing the Sustainable and Interoperable Digital Identity (SIDI) Hub initiative and how industry leaders can collaborate to develop interoperable and accessible green best practices.

Fall meetings 2023

Registrations are still open for our annual Fall Meetings! GlobalPlatform members are invited to join us in Athens, Greece and virtually from November 6-10. Committee, Task Force and Work Group leaders, fellow members, and association leadership will progress ongoing technical work, provide an update on GlobalPlatform’s operations management and structure, and work to identify the next steps and activities supporting security technologies for digital services and devices.

In addition, our program features a joint session with ENISA on November 9th, and a GlobalPlatform Woman lunch that will help advance the role and influence of women working in security standards.

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SESIP member meeting

As part of our Fall Meetings, we’ll be hosting the first meeting of our newly established Security Evaluation Standard for IoT Platforms (SESIP) Committee. This kickoff meeting will define the roadmap and priorities for the committee going forward and will give attendees an opportunity to help shape the future of the methodology.

This committee meetings will take place in Athens on November 7th  from 14:00-18:00 CET and November 9th 15:30-19:00 CET. SESIP provides a common and optimized approach for evaluating the security of connected products that meets the specific compliance, security, privacy and scalability challenges of the evolving IoT ecosystem.

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Adoption of GlobalPlatform’s IoT security evaluation standard grows with European recognition

The World Economic Forum (WEF) reported in 2022 that cybersecurity threats have increased by over 358% in recent years. Multiple regulations have emerged in recent years, but they struggle to keep up with the rapidly evolving nature of these threats.

GlobalPlatform’s Security Evaluation Standard for IoT Platforms (SESIP) methodology provides a standardized approach for evaluating IoT security implementations, tailored to the unique requirements and challenges of the evolving ecosystem. By adopting SESIP, the European Committee for Standardization, CEN and CENELEC, is working to address regulatory fragmentation and better understand, deploy and explain IoT security.

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Sustainable and Interoperable Digital Identity (SIDI) Hub meeting

GlobalPlatform is sponsoring the upcoming Digital Identity Interoperability Summit on November 28th in Paris. Hosted by Secure Identity Alliance, this session will bring together industry leaders from multiple standards organizations and governments to discuss the launch of the Sustainable and Interoperable Digital Identity (SIDI) Hub initiative.

This project aims to define a blueprint for digital ID architecture configurations that converge to a globally interoperable public infrastructure based on green best practices.

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Automotive Task Force Update

The Automotive Task Force (ATF) will host a number of meetings in Athens as part of the GlobalPlatform Fall meetings. We are looking forward to exploring the automotive configuration for TEE/TPS, SE, Security and SESIP as well as holding joint meetings with Autosar and SAE.

Please review the Fall Meeting brochure and register in Workspace. We highly encourage you to get involved and engage on the requirements and priority use cases that the technical committees will use to base their development work for secure elements, trusted execution environments, security APIs and more.

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Join GlobalPlatform in Hamburg, Germany for the next Cybersecurity Vehicle Forum (CSVF) event

Over the past year, we have held three in-person Cybersecurity Vehicle Forum (CSVF) events in Detroit, Tokyo and Beijing as well as two virtual-mini updates. Each event has brought together relevant automotive stakeholders in each respective region to explore the unique security challenges facing the automotive industry. All of the event materials and recordings from previous CSVF events are available on our website.

After a successful event in Beijing last month, we are turning our attention to the final CSVF event of 2023. Join us on November 14th in Hamburg, Germany, just prior to the automotive cybersecurity event, ESCAR Europe. This event will incorporate learnings and insights from previous CSVF events, and we have confirmed a number of relevant speakers to discuss emerging automotive security threat types as well as the latest on PQC, digital keys and more.

Review the agenda and register here. There are options to attend in-person or virtually.

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Speaking Engagements

Hear GlobalPlatform speak at TRUSTECH

Chief Technology Officer, Gil Bernabeu, is taking part in a roundtable at this year’s TRUSTECH in Paris. Join him at 17:20 CET on November 29 for the panel “Sustainable and Interoperable Digital Identity Infrastructures”.

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Join GlobalPlatform at AutoTech Europe

Join GlobalPlatform’s CTO, Gil Bernabeu, at AutoTech: Europe in Berlin. On November 15th, Gil will moderate a session entitled “Being Software Defined”. Gil will also lead a Lunch & Learn meeting on current cybersecurity regulations, on November 16th.

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