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GlobalPlatform News – ISO/IEC 17065, SESIP and eID Wallets in Europe

Letter from GlobalPlatform’s Executive Director

This past month we have extended our ISO/IEC 17065 accreditation. This demonstrates our commitment to delivering state-of-the-art functional and security certification programs. You can read more about this accreditation below.

As we continue to enhance our SESIP methodology offering, I’m pleased to share that SGS Brightsight CB has recently joined the program to become a GlobalPlatform SESIP CB. We have also officially launched our SESIP training program and started scheduling trainings with interested companies. If you want to have a team in your company trained do not hesitate in getting in touch with me.

Last week, we held our 2nd Cybersecurity Vehicle Forum in Plymouth, MI. We hosted over 60 people and had participation from 8 automotive OEMs and 8 tier 1 companies. The event included discussion of GlobalPlatform TEEs and SEs for automotive use cases as well as opportunities for cross-industry collaboration with SAE and AUTOSAR. Read the event summary and access the presentations here.

In other member news, we are pleased to announce that Germany’s Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) has upgraded its membership to become our newest Full Member. We look forward to their valuable participation, especially in advancing trusted EUDI wallet solutions.

Finally, as we come towards the end of our fiscal year, we’ll soon be publishing our Annual Report. This report highlights the achievements of our organization over the past 12 months and outlines our future vision and the new initiatives we are driving. The report will be accompanied by your membership renewal invoice for fiscal year 2023.

Automotive Taskforce

The Automotive Task Force has released the “Trust for Secure Automotive Services” whitepaper for all member review. Please take the time to review it and provide your comments or feedback.

Additionally, task force participants are asked to submit feedback on the proposed mission statement that has been posted in the discussion section of the Automotive Task Force.

Available here

What role will SESIP play in the EUDI wallet ecosystem?

In this blog, NXP Security Certification Expert, Fabien Deboyser, explores the key considerations for the certification of EUDI Wallets.

Fabien reviews the specifics of mobile phone architecture aligned with the latest Architecture and Reference Framework (ARF) provided by the eIDAS expert working group. He then outlines envisioned use cases, provides analysis on the key challenges for security certification and defines the role of the SESIP methodology in this work.

Read now

Five pillars for the success of eID Wallet in Europe

Last month, we gathered stakeholders and industry leaders in Brussels, Belgium for our eID Wallet Seminar. Insightful panels, presentations and keynotes explored the importance of high security for eID schemes and the different ways that GlobalPlatform technologies can support this requirement across EU member states.

Following this event, Jean-Daniel Aussel, Chair of the GlobalPlatform eID Wallet Task Force, has penned a blog outlining five key pillars that can provide the basis for successful EUDI Wallet deployments. He stresses the importance of security, interoperability and convenience for end users and how these can be best achieved through strong industry collaboration.

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Upcoming Cybersecurity Vehicle Forum events

As mentioned above, we hosted the 2nd Cybersecurity Vehicle Forum on June 20th in Plymouth, MI – just prior to the ESCAR USA automotive cybersecurity conference. We had a productive discussion, and we hope you will join us at future events.

Upcoming Cybersecurity Vehicle Forum events are currently planned for:

  • Tokyo – September 14th
  • Beijing – October 27th
  • Hamburg – November 14th

Video: Different deployment models for eID wallets

In this video, GlobalPlatform CTO, Gil Bernabeu, discusses the various deployment models available for eID wallets including SIM, eSIM and embedded Secure Elements.

Gil also provides an understanding of how GlobalPlatform standardized secure components deployed in the majority of smartphones today are already supporting secure services.

Watch now

TEE Specification Working Group

This month our TEE Working Group actioned feedback received following the recent Member Review of its TEE Internal Core Specification 1.4. Once the comments and feedback received have been incorporated, the specification will be advanced to the Public Review phase.

The Working Group is also commencing work on its enhanced TLS sockets API. This aims to add further optional “in house” enhancements to TLS 1.3.

Get in touch to get involved

GlobalPlatform renews ISO 17065 accreditation 

We have renewed our ISO/IEC 17065 accreditation. This ensures our organization can continue delivering the highest levels of value to participants and partners of our state-of-the-art functional and security certification programs.

This accreditation confirms that our certification body meets the requirements of impartiality, competence, confidentiality, consistent operation, and openness of product needed for ISO/IEC compliance.

Learn more about our certification activities here
Technical Documents

New Document Releases

Specifications Under Review

This new specification provides the remote management mechanisms defined in Amendment B: Remote Application Management over HTTP to be transported over narrow band networks typically used to connect IoT devices, where CoAP and DTLS are common protocols.

This has been made available for public review. Please provide your comments by completing the comment form by July 13, 2023 or emailing

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Speaking Engagements

Hear GlobalPlatform speak at the FISITA Intelligent Safety Conference China (ISCC)

GlobalPlatform is speaking at the upcoming FISITA Intelligent Safety Conference China (ISCC), taking place in Chongqing, China and virtually from July 10-12. Join our Chief Technical Officer, Gil Bernabeu for his presentation “Solutions that shape the future of automotive cybersecurity”.

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