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+33 177 702 844

Configuration: UICC Contactless Extension v1.0

Test Suite: UICC Contactless Extension Test Suite v3.3.0

Configuration: Mapping Guidelines v1.0.1

Test Suite: Mapping Guideline Test Suite v1.2.0

Configuration: UICC Configuration v1.0.1

Test Suite: UICC Compliance Test Suite v2.5.0

Configuration: ID Configuration v1.0

Test Suite: ID Configuration Test Suite v1.7.0

Configuration: Amendment B for UICC

Test Suite: UICC SCP81 Extension Test Suite v1.8.0.1

Configuration: TEE Initial Configuration v1.1

Test Suite: TEE Initial Configuration Test Suite with excluded test list v2.0.0.2

Configuration: Secure Element Access Control v1.0

Test Suite: Compliance Card Test Suite v1.0.8
Secure Element Access Control v1.0

Configuration: Contactless Extension v2.0

Test Suite: Contactless Extension Test Suite v1.0.0
Memory Management Extension Test Suite v2.0.0

Configuration: Basic Financial Configuration

Test Suite: Basic Financial Configuration Test Suite v1.0.2

Configuration: APDU Transport over SPI / I2C v1.0

Test Suite: Compliance Test Suite v1.4.1

Configuration: Common Implementation Configuration v2.1
Compact IoT Configuration 1.0
Financial configuration v1.0.2
Secure Element Configuration v2.0
UICC Configuration v2.0

Test Suite: Common Implementation Configuration v2.1 Test Suite v2.3.0
Compact IoT Configuration v1.0 Test Suite v1.1.0
Financial configuration v1.0.2 Test Suite v1.3.2
SE configuration v2.0 Test Suite v1.8.0
UICC configuration v2.0 Test Suite v3.2.0

Configuration: GlobalPlatform Technology Compact IoT Configuration version 1.0

Test Suite: Compact IoT v1.0 Test Suite v1.4.0.1

Configuration: GlobalPlatform Card UICC Configuration version 2.0

Test Suite: UICC Configuration v2.0 Test Suite v3.5.0.1

Configuration: GlobalPlatform Technology Secure Element Configuration version 2.0

Test Suite: SE Configuration v2.0 Test Suite V1.11.0.1

Configuration: GlobalPlatform Card Common Implementation Configuration version 2.1

Test Suite: Common Implementation Configuration v2.1 Test Suite v2.6.0.1

Configuration: Financial configuration v1.0.2

Test Suite: Financial Configuration v1.0.2 Test Suite v1.6.0.1

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