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TEE Committee (formerly Device Committee)

The Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) Committee is chaired by Richard Hayton from Trustonic. Full and participating GlobalPlatform members are eligible to contribute to this group.


The TEE Committee defines an open security architecture for consumer and connected devices using a TEE to secure those devices and enable the development and deployment of secure services from multiple service providers.


  • Manage, prioritize, develop, maintain and evolve specifications for the TEE, including specifications relating to:
    • APIs to communicate to a TEE.
    • APIs to develop Trusted Applications (TAs) running within the TEE and enabling interactions with secure peripherals such as the trusted user interface, biometric peripherals and Secure Elements (SEs).
    • The TEE Management Framework (TMF).
    • Configurations to serve a specific class of devices.
  • Advance and maintain the GlobalPlatform TEE Functional and Security Certification Programs to facilitate portability and interoperability of TA deployments on different TEE implementations, and to enable standardized security evaluations.
  • Liaise, collaborate and/or coordinate activities with relevant external organizations which perform similar/complementary activities, and support interest in Root of Trust in secure microcontroller units (MCU) and associated secure services.

Current Priorities:

  • Standardization - Extending TEE architecture specifications and APIs to include support for hypervisors, making it possible to have two TEEs and two TEE operating systems on the same device.
  • RISC-V - Collaboration to support the evolution of chip architecture and address new use cases for Root of Trust services in devices embedding TEE and MCU technologies.
  • SESIP - Developing a SESIP Security Profile to answer specific market needs related to secure components.
  • TEE security - Identifying and analyzing the latest attacks and updating the TEE Protection profile with the latest methodologies.
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The GlobalPlatform TEE Management Framework

The document defines standard methods to manage the lifecycle of the TEE once it is active. In order to support the variety of usage of the TEE in today’s digital world, the document supports a number of deployment models, including: one or many actors; connected or unconnected devices; and one-to-one or one-to-many devices, as well as with symmetric and asymmetric cryptography.

Download the framework

GlobalPlatform TEE Protection Profile

Certified against Common Criteria under its Trusted Computing category, this document specifies the typical threats the hardware and software of the TEE needs to withstand. It also details the security objectives that are to be met in order to counter these threats and the security functional requirements that a TEE will have to comply with.

Download the TEE Protection Profile

TEE Compliant Products

GlobalPlatform has developed an open and thoroughly evaluated TEE ecosystem with accredited laboratories and certified products.

The GlobalPlatform TEE Certification Scheme, managed by its TEE Security Evaluation Secretariat, enables vendors to confirm conformance of their TEE products to the organization’s TEE Protection Profile, through independent security evaluation.

View certified products available to purchase

Richard Hayton

TEE Committee Chair


Richard is on the Board of Directors, and is also the Chair of the TES Committee and Automotive Task Force at GlobalPlatform where he contributes to the organization’s technical initiatives bringing over 30 years of experience in the cybersecurity industry. Richard is a regular speaker and influencer in the cybersecurity arena.

At Trustonic, Richard’s focus has been on enabling the telecoms industry – manufacturers and mobile operators, the automotive industry as well as application developers, to all benefit from embedded security and strong device identity. Prior to Trustonic, Richard held various roles at Citrix including Chief Architect, Distinguished Engineer and Chief Technology Officer. During 20 years at Citrix, he led projects ranging from embedded software to global enterprise systems, with a focus on user and developer experience.

He holds a PhD in Computer Science from Cambridge University, focusing on identity federation for users, devices and services.

Stéphanie El Rhomri

TEE Compliance Working Group Chair


Stéphanie El Rhomri is Vice-President Europe Africa at Fime, responsible of defining and implementing Fime’s strategy and growth in the region.

Stéphanie brings a wealth of industry experience, particularly in the payment sector to which she has contributed for 15 years. Until last year she lead the delivery of testing services across 10 accredited laboratories around the world. In Fime she drove multiple transformational initiatives, such as financial and operational IS improvement, restructuring plan to increase the profitability, expanding Fime’s portfolio with biometrics and digital currency.

Stéphanie is a subject matter expert in testing and certification, and she actively contributed to industry standards and certification schemes. She has served on the GlobalPlatform Board since 2015 and was appointed Chair in 2021. Stéphanie holds a Master’s Degree in electronics and computer sciences from ENSEIRB engineering school Bordeaux and an advanced certificate in corporate governance from ESSEC Business School Paris.

Christian Damour

TEE Security: TEE Attack Expert Sub-Working Group Chair


Mr. Damour attends and contributes to GlobalPlatform’s Card Security and Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) Security Working Groups and has also been appointed as TEE Attack Experts Working Group Chair.

Following 13 years as a certification leader within a licensed information technology security evaluation facility (ITSEF), Christian joined FIME in 2011 to develop and manage the company’s security offering. He has extensive experience with a variety of certification schemes including Common Criteria product and system security.

Don Felton

TEE Specifications Working Group Chair


Mr. Felton has served as Chair of GlobalPlatform’s TEE Specification Working Group, part of the TEE Committee, since 2011.

Mr. Felton joined Trustonic in 2012, as part of its creation as a joint venture by ARM, Gemalto and Giesecke & Devrient. Mr. Felton has driven deployment and understanding of TEE based security technology since its creation and has been an active contributor to the Trusted Computing Group Mobile Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 1.2 developments, Open Mobile Terminal Platform (OMTP) Advanced Trusted Environment (ATE) standards and GlobalPlatform Specifications.

Carolina Lavatelli

Carolina Lavatelli

TEE Security: TEE Lab Sub-Working Group Chair

Internet of Trust

Ms. Lavatelli has been elected as Chair of GlobalPlatform’s TES Labs Working Group.

As co-founder and CTO of Internet of Trust, Ms. Lavetelli has large expertise in the design and set up of security evaluation programs, in particular for smartcards, terminals, mobile devices and content protection. She is the lead author of numerous Protection Profiles and evaluation methodologies and participates actively to a number of international standardisation working groups.

Ms. Lavatelli participates in a number of standardization groups including ISCI, JTEMS and GlobalPlatform, and actively contributes to the usage and adoption of Common Criteria.

Hervé Sibert

TEE Security Working Group Chair


Mr. Sibert has been elected as Chair of the TES Security Working Group.

Mr. Sibert is Security Architect at Apple, working on security features in the space of SE and TEE. Prior to this, he worked on cryptography and information security in general at Orange, NXP, ST- Ericsson and then STMicroelectronics, supporting the deployment of TEE technology since its inception. Mr. Sibert has published 20 academic papers and is the inventor of more than 30 patents in embedded and information security.

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