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Changes to Annex C include:


  • New functionality and extensions to enable TLS 1.3 client mode
  • Better operating mode support for TLS key establishment and authentication beyond the original Pre-Shared Keys (PSKs)
  • Eliminated TEE_tlsSocket_CertStorageCred structure and associated unions in TEE_tlsSocket_Credentials structure.

Annex D is updated to reflect the changes to Annex C.

Note: Only these two annexes are being issued as v1.1.


  • TEE Sockets API Specification remains at v1.0.3.
  • Annex A (Sockets TCP/IP) and Annex B (Sockets UDP/IP) remain at v1.0.1.

Previous Version(s)

TEE Sockets API Specification V1.0.1, 1.0.2 & 1.0.3 | GPD_SPE_100, GPD_SPE_101, GPD_SPE_102, GPD_SPE_103, GPD_SPE_104 Oct 2021

This maintenance release of the main specification:

Clarifies limitations on cryptographic recommendations
Specifies an API name string to support TEE Management Framework Audit capabilities (section 4.5)
Corrects a typo in redefinition of TEE_iSocketHandle structure (section 5.2.1)

The annexes are unchanged in this release.

TEE Sockets API Specification v1.0.1 & v1.0.2 Feb 2021

This maintenance release of Annex C adds reference to GlobalPlatform recommendations regarding security protocols and cryptography.

TEE Sockets API Specification v1.0.1 Jan 2017

This is a suite of specifications that provide standards to enable a Trusted Application to directly make use of internet protocol interfaces, rather than send packets to a client application for internet transfer.

TEE Sockets API Specification v1 Jun 2015
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