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This maintenance release adds reference to GlobalPlatform recommendations regarding security protocols and cryptography.

Previous Version(s)

TEE Secure Element API v1.1.1 Nov 2016

This document is suitable for software developers implementing Trusted Applications running inside the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) which need to expose an externally visible interface to Client Applications. This document is also intended for implementers of the TEE itself, its Trusted OS, Trusted Core Framework, the TEE APIs, and the communications infrastructure required to access Trusted Applications.

TEE Secure Element API v1 Aug 2013

TEE Secure Element API v1.0 Errata and Precisions v1.0 | GPD_EPR_030 Jun 2014

This document includes all the Errata and Precisions that have been released for TEE Secure Element API Specification v1.0.

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