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A minor version release of the TMF OTrP Profile, with the following additions and bug fixes applied:

- Adds structures to permit SD to report multiple keys with different roles. Use of multiple keys was originally discussed in 4.8 but no mechanism to support in was provided.
- Clarifies the TFW_CERT and TEE-CERT must reflect keys that are unique per instance and therefore are unlikely to be stored as properties that are generally per versions.
- Modifies UpdateSDTBSRequest – noted that if the SD name is derived from Service Provider ID, then changing this ID should require renaming the SD – which is not supported by TMF, so deprecated this option.
- Adds section on version negotiation between host and client.

Previous Version(s)

TEE Management Framework: Open Trust Protocol (OTrP) Profile v1.0 | GPD_SPE_123 May 2019

This is the first release of the OTrP remote management standard for TEE since the donation of version 1.0 to GlobalPlatform by the creators, OTPA. This standard provides an alternative to the TMF ASN.1 Profile, and its use of JSON and PK509 makes it suitable for use with larger TEEs.

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