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The security mechanisms originally specified in this amendment have now been integrated into the Card Specification v2.3 and its Amendment A v1.1, which are already published. This version of Amendment E is provided for convenience and aims at describing where in these documents the prior contents of this amendment can now be found.

Previous Version(s)

Security Upgrade for Card Content Management - Amendment E v1.0.1 Jul 2014

The security in GlobalPlatform Card Specification [GPCS] and amendments A, B, C, and D is based on several cryptographic primitives (e.g. TDEA, RSA, AES…). The purpose of this amendment is to expand those specifications to include new cryptographic schemes based on Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) and upgraded cryptographic schemes for RSA. Configurations will define the selection of cipher suites that are mandatory or optional for cards in a specific market segment.

Security Upgrade for Card Content Management - Amendment E v1 Dec 2011
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