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This is the first GlobalPlatform Open Mobile API version following the transfer from the SIM Alliance. The API enables mobile applications to access different secure elements (SE) in mobile devices, such as SIMs or embedded SEs.

Previous Version(s)

Open Mobile API (OMAPI) Specification: Second Errata v2.0 Nov 2016

This document includes all the Errata and Precisions that have been released for Open Mobile API Specification v3.2

Open Mobile API Specification v3.2 | GPD_SPE_075 Nov 2016

This document specifies how device applications may access different SEs in the mobile device, such as the UICC, micro SD and embedded SE. It provides interface definitions and UML diagrams to support referenced in the GSMA’s own technical support materials, including the NFC Handset & APIs Requirements specification and the NFC Handset Test Book. This updated version v3.2 incorporates changes to accommodate the growing number of dual SIM devices on the market and enhances the ability of mobile applications to communicate with SEs.

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