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This new version of the Amendment, which comes with an updated API, adds the support for Privacy Sensitive Applications. In detail:


  • Privacy Sensitive Applications are identified by a new System Install parameter.
  • If one (or several) Privacy Sensitive CL Application is activated on the CL interface, then the rules of the Privacy Framework are enforced.
  • Privacy Sensitive and Non Privacy Sensitive Applications cannot be activated on the CL interface at the same time. A new activation conflict is defined.

It also adds the capability to retrieve the current Protocol Parameters via the GET STATUS command.

Previous Version(s)

Contactless Services - Amendment C v1.2.1 Jul 2018

This maintenance release of GPCS Amendment C: Contactless Services contains errata and precisions required for an interoperable and testable implementation of the specification.

Contactless Services - Amendment C v1.2 Jan 2016

Contactless Services, in addition to the restructuring, where some mechanisms specified originally in the amendment were merged into the Card Specification v2.3, introduces new mechanisms to audit and manage the availability of the different Contactless Protocol Types (i.e. Type A, B, F) and to audit Contactless Protocol Parameters.

Contactless Services - Amendment C v1.1.1 Jul 2014

This document defines an extension of the GlobalPlatform Card Specification [GPCS] to facilitate deployment of contactless services in a Secure Element located in a mobile handset. More specifically, this specification defines mechanisms, parameters, and interfaces to set up and maintain the configuration of applications and control their access to system resources like communication interfaces and memory. GlobalPlatform configuration(s) may require some or all of the capabilities specified in this document. Applications that are configured to be usable on a contactless interface (using mechanisms defined in Chapter 5: Communication Interface Access Configuration) are referred to as “Contactless Applications”.

Contactless Services - Amendment C v1.1 Apr 2013
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