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This new version of the Amendment, which comes with an updated API, defines:

  • A new Confidential Key Loading Scenario, Scenario #4: ECC based Key Agreement Model using a mechanism that does not require the use of a secure channel to ensure the identity of the parties.
  • The option of generating AES keys with Scenario #1
  • A mechanism for Applications to request a CASD signature, the CASD Signature Service. This service is available through the new AuthoritySignature interface, and the corresponding Global Service.

Previous Version(s)

Confidential Card Content Management – Amendment A v1.1.1 | GPC_SPE_007 Sep 2018

This maintenance release of GPCS Amendment A: Confidential Card Content Management contains errata and precisions. Main aspects:

It acknowledges the existence of and reserves appropriate values for a variant of scenario #3 which was defined by the GSMA for the eSIM.

It clarifies the encoding of some length fields for scenario #1 when RSA keys longer than 128 bytes are used.

It clarifies how an off-card entity may look up for an appropriate CA Public Key in order to verify a CASD certificate.

Confidential Card Content Management - Amendment A v1.1 Nov 2015

This version of Card Specification Amendment A: Confidential Card Content Management mainly contains changes due to restructuring of the Card Specification and its amendments:

Tokens and the DGIs for key personalization were removed and are now in the Card Specification

Key Agreement Scenario 3 was taken in from Amendment E

Several Clarifications were also added.

Confidential Card Content Management - Amendment A V1.0.1 Jan 2011
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